2011 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition papers by Jacquelyn E. Kelly

Title Session
Predicting Conceptual Gain in an Atomic Bonding Module Novel Approaches to Teaching Materials [view paper]
Addressing Misconceptions and Knowledge Gaps in the Restructuring of Atomic Bonding Course Content to Enhance Conceptual Change NSF Grantees Poster Session [view paper]
Developing a Materials Course Teaching Tool Kit to Promote Ease of Implementation of Innovative Classroom Instructional Materials NSF Grantees Poster Session [view paper]
Assessing Challenges and Affordances of a Traditional Instructor’s Pedagogical Change During Guided Implementation of Innovative Pedagogy Innovations in Materials Education [view paper]
Development and Use of Concept Context Maps to Promote Student Special Session: Creating, Using, and Assessing with Concept Maps in Introductory Materials Courses [view paper]

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