2011 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition papers by Dr. Denny C. Davis

Title Session
Undergraduate Homework Assignments that Achieve Desired Learning Outcomes Student Learning and Assessment II [view paper]
IDEALS: A Model for Integrating Engineering Design Professional Skills Assessment and Learning Design Tools & Methodology I [view paper]
Team Building in a Project-Based Learning Course Project-Based, Inquiry Guided, and High Performance Learning Environments: Effective Approaches [view paper]
Classroom Learning Activities to Support Capstone Project Assessment Instruments NSF Grantees Poster Session [view paper]
Establishing Inter-rater Agreement for TIDEE's Teamwork and Professional Development Assessments Assessment Instruments [view paper]
Integration of Entrepreneurship Education into a Bioengineering Capstone Design Class Innovations in Design within BME Curricula [view paper]
Multi-Disciplinary Project-Based Paradigm that Uses Hands-on Desktop Learning Modules and Modern Learning Pedagogies NSF Grantees Poster Session [view paper]
The Purposeful Use of Activities to Affect Learning Innovations in Teaching: Mechanics [view paper]

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