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U438B·I Hadn’t Thought of Doing That: Sharing Best and Unique Practices in the Classroom
Workshop · First-Year Programs Division
Sun. June 26, 2011 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
114/115, Vancouver International Conference Centre
Session Description

Ticketed event: $35.00
This ticketed event is $25 advance registration and $35 on-site registration. Have you ever found yourself saying "I Hadn’t Thought of Doing THAT?" This workshop, "Sharing Best & Unique Practices in the Classroom," should provide you some time-tested practices and perhaps new-to-you techniques for managing those "tricky" or unique situations in the classroom. Potential topics include: Breaking the Ice, TA in the Way, Academic Dishonesty in the Gray Zone, Teaching Student Success, and When the Class Is in a Funk. The workshop will be led by talented, experienced faculty from three different institutions with many successful teaching ideas to share. What you will be able to take away are tangible and concise methods or philosophies for managing challenges in your classroom. In addition, a variety of active learning techniques will be applied throughout as a common theme of best practices. These will be embedded into the presentation format. Sponsored by the ASEE First-Year Programs Division.

  1. Dr. Kris Jaeger-Helton

    Northeastern University

    Northeastern University

  2. Dr. John K. Estell

    Ohio Northern University

    Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Ohio Northern University

  3. Dr. Susan F Freeman

    Northeastern University

    College of Engineering, Northeastern University

  4. Dr. S. Scott Moor P.E.

    Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne

    College of Engineering, Technlogy and Computer Science, Indiana Univeristy Purdue University Fort Wayne

  5. Dr. Richard Whalen

    Northeastern University

    Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University

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