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U238·Real World Engineering Projects: Discovery-Based Curriculum Modules for First-Year Students
Workshop · First-Year Programs Division
Sun. June 26, 2011 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
116/117, Vancouver International Conference Centre
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Free ticketed event
In this three hour session, attendees will work on one of the IEEE’s hands-on Real World Engineering Projects (RWEP). The project will serve as an example of how the freely available RWEP curricular materials may be used in your institution’s first year courses. During the workshop you will discover first-hand how students design and build project materials and what they learn about engineered solutions to societal challenges and the engineering design cycle. This session is designed to encourage you to adopt and use the curriculum. An overview of the 20-plus projects in the growing RWEP library will also be highlighted. Co-Sponsors: IEEE Educational Activities and ASEE First-year Programs Division

  1. Mr. Loren Wyard-Scott P.Eng.

    University of Alberta

    University of Alberta

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