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M354·NSF Grantees Poster Session
Poster · NSF Grantees
Mon. June 27, 2011 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Exhibit Hall C, Vancouver International Conference Centre
Session Description

Grantees from various NSF programs share their project findings in a series of panel presentations.

Papers Presented
  1. Introduction of Mechatronic Technology into Cross-Department Product Design Curricula [view paper] Andy S. Zhang (New York City College of Technology), Iem Heng (New York City College of Technology), Dr. Sidi Berri (New York City College of Technology), and Farrukh Zia (New York City College of Technology)
  2. Multi-Dimensional Tele-healthcare Engineering Undergraduate Education via Building-Block-based Medical Sensor Labs [view paper] Fei Hu (University of Alabama)
  3. Impact of Collaborative Problem-solving Workshops in Engineering Calculus Course on Applied Mathematical [view paper] Lisa Schneider (Cornell University) and Ms. Maria Terrell (Cornell University)
  4. Strengthening the Community College Engineering Pipeline Using Tablet PCs and Online Instruction [view paper] Amelito G. Enriquez (Canada College)
  5. Establishment of an Integrated Learning Environment for Advanced Energy Storage Systems: Supporting the Sustainable Energy Development [view paper] Y. Gene Liao (Wayne State University)
  6. CAREER: Influence of Social Capital on Under-Represented Engineering Students’ Academic and Career Decisions [view paper] Julie Martin Trenor (Clemson University)
  7. Using Online Endless Quizzes as Graded Homework [view paper] Gwen Lee-Thomas, Ph.D. (Old Dominion University), Autar Kaw (University of South Florida), and Ali Yalcin (University of South Florida)
  8. NUE (EEC): Integrating Nanodevice Design, Fabrication, and Analysis into the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum [view paper] Santosh Devasia (University of Washington), Jim L. Borgford-Parnell (University of Washington), Jae-Hyun Chung (University of Washington), Jiangyu Li (University of Washington), Amy Shen (University of Washington), Nathan Sniadecki (University of Washington), and Junlan Wang (University of Washington)
  9. Initial Evaluation of the Impact of Math Study Groups on First-Year Student Course Success [view paper] Marissa Jablonski (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), John R. Reisel (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Hossein Hosseini (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), Dr. Ethan V Munson (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), and Leah Rineck ()
  10. A Model for Initiating ABET-Accredited Engineering Degree Programs using Distance Education [view paper] Darrin S. Muggli (Benedictine College) and Brian Tande (University of North Dakota)
  11. Developing a Robotics Technology Curriculum at an Urban Community College [view paper] Michael Kaye (Baltimore City Community College) and Yun Liu (Baltimore City Community College)
  12. Bridging the Valley of Death: A 360° Approach to Understanding Adoption of Innovations in Engineering Education [view paper] Kirsten A. Davis (Boise State University), Sondra M Miller (Boise State University), and Ross A. Perkins (Boise State University)
  13. Incorporating Problem-Based Learning and Case Studies in Lab Courses: Student Perceptions and Educational Benefits for this Teaching Pedagogy [view paper] Cindy Waters (North Carolina A&T State University) and Stephanie Luster-Teasley (North Carolina A&T State University)
  14. The Portability of Systems-Centric Content to Existing Sub-Discipline Courses [view paper] Tom Weller (University of South Florida), Jeff Frolik (University of Vermont), Paul G. Flikkema (Northern Arizona University), Wayne A. Shiroma (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Carol Haden (Magnolia Consulting, LLC), and Rhonda R. Franklin (Univeristy of Minnesota)
  15. Virtual and Remote Functionality Development for Undergraduate Laboratory [view paper] Yongpeng Zhang (Prairie View A&M University), Lin Li (Prairie View A&M University), and Xuemin Chen (Texas Southern University)
  16. Implementation and Assessment of Case Studies in a Freshman Engineering Program [view paper] James E. Lewis (University of Louisville), Patricia A. Ralston (University of Louisville), Norb Delatte (Cleveland State University), and David Wheatley (University of Louisville)
  17. Certificate/Concentration in Engineering for P-12 Educators [view paper] AnnMarie Thomas (University of Saint Thomas) and Jan B. Hansen, Ph.D. (University of Saint Thomas)
  18. Best Practices for Student Robotic Camps [view paper] Marilyn Barger (Hillsborough Community College), Richard Gilbert (University of South Florida), and Marie A. Boyette (FLATE)
  19. Using Undergraduate Mentors to Deliver Engineering Content to Calculus for Increased Persistence in Engineering [view paper] J. Neubert (University of North Dakota), Deborah Worley (University of North Dakota), and Naima Kaabouch (Electrical Engineering Department, University of North Dakota)
  20. Nanotechnology in Undergraduate Education: Development of Experimental Modules [view paper] F. James Boerio (University of Cincinnati), Dionysios D. Dionysiou (University of Cincinnati), Ian Papautsky (University of Cincinnati), Miguel Pelaez (University of Cincinnati), Mark Schulz (Affiliation unknown), Mr. Christopher Huth (), Vesselin N. Shanov (University of Cincinnati), and Donglu Shi (University of Cincinnati)
  21. A Case Study on Pill-Sized Robot in Gastro-Intestinal Tract to Teach Robot Programming and Navigation [view paper] Yi Guo (Stevens Institute of Technology), Shubo Zhang (Stevens Institute of Technology), Hong Man (Stevens Institute of Technology), and Arthur B. Ritter, Ph.D., FAIMBE (Stevens Institute of Technology)
  22. Nine Years of Calibrated Peer Review in Rhetoric and Engineering Design [view paper] Patricia A. Carlson (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)
  23. From Defense to Degree: Accelerating Engineering Degree Opportunities for Military Veterans [view paper] David L. Soldan (Kansas State University), Noel N. Schulz (Kansas State University), Blythe A. Vogt (Kansas State University), Don Gruenbacher (Kansas State University), and Rekha Natarajan (Kansas State University)
  24. Web-based, Active Learning Modules for Teaching Statistical Quality Control [view paper] Douglas H. Timmer (University of Texas, Pan American), Miguel Gonzalez (University of Texas, Pan American), and Connie M. Borror (Arizona State University West)
  25. Simulation and Visualization Enhanced Engineering Education – Development and Implementation of Virtual Experiments in a Laboratory Course [view paper] Sushil K. Chaturvedi (Old Dominion University) and Kaustubh A. Dharwadkar (Affiliation unknown)
  26. Development of an Introduction to Infrastructure Course [view paper] Matthew W. Roberts (University of Wisconsin, Platteville), Philip J. Parker (University of Wisconsin, Platteville), Michael K. Thompson (University of Wisconsin, Platteville), and Barb A. Barnet (Univeristy of Wisconsin - Platteville)
  27. Interactive Virtual Reality Games to Teaching Circuit Analysis with Metacognitive and Problem-Solving Strategies [view paper] Ying Tang (Rowan University), Sachin Shetty (Tennessee State University), and Xiufang Chen (Rowan University)
  28. Principles and Strategies for Developing and Implementing an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Curriculum [view paper] Reid Bailey (University of Virginia), Alexandra Emelina Coso (Georgia Institute of Technology), Heather T. Rowan-Kenyon (Boston College), Dr. Michael J Cabral (Virginia Commonwealth University), Joanne Bechta Dugan (University of Virginia), and Marie F. Creager (University of Virginia)
  29. Complex Engineering System Leaning through Study of Engineering Cases using 3D Animations [view paper] Zhigang Shen (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) and Yimin Zhu (Florida International University)
  30. Assessing Engineering Student Attitudes about Cognition Due to Project-Based Curriculum [view paper] Donald Plumlee (Boise State University)
  31. JavaGrinder: A Web-Based Platform for Teaching Early Computing Skills [view paper] James Dean Palmer (Northern Arizona University), Joseph Flieger (Northern Arizona University), and Eddie Hillenbrand (Affiliation unknown)
  32. SMARTER Teamwork: System for Management, Assessment, Research, Training, Education, and Remediation for Teamwork [view paper] Matthew W. Ohland (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Richard A. Layton (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Daniel Michael Ferguson (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Misty L. Loughry (Georgia Southern University), David J. Woehr (University of Tennessee), and Hal R. Pomeranz (Deer Run Associates)
  33. Multi-Disciplinary Project-Based Paradigm that Uses Hands-on Desktop Learning Modules and Modern Learning Pedagogies [view paper] William David Schlecht (Washington State University), Bernard J. Van Wie (Washington State University), Paul B. Golter (Washington State University), Robert F. Richards (Washington State University), Jennifer C. Adam (Washington State University), Ashley Marie Ater Kranov (Washington State University), Dr. Marc Compere (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach), Dr. Edwin Maurer P.E. (Santa Clara University), Denny C. Davis (Washington State University), Olusola O. Adesope (Washington State University, Pullman), Joseph D. Law (University of Idaho, Moscow), Gary Robert Brown (AAC&U), Prashanta Dutta (Washington State University), David B. Thiessen (Washington State University), and Baba Abdul (Washington State University)
  34. Digital Logic Design: Meeting Industry’s Needs through University & Community College Collaboration [view paper] Nasser Alaraje (Michigan Technological University), Aleksandr Sergeyev (Michigan Technological University), and Mr. Fred Scheu (College of Lake County)
  35. Using Virtual and Remote Laboratory to Enhance Engineering Technology Education [view paper] Xuemin Chen (Texas Southern University), Prof. Lawrence O. Kehinde P.E. (Texas Southern University), Prof. Yuhong Zhang (Texas Southern University), Shahryar Darayan (Texas Southern University), David O. Olowokere (Texas Southern University), and Mr. Daniel Osakue (Texas Southern University)
  36. Interactive Scenario Based Teaching of Metal Casting Process [view paper] Mrinal C. Saha (University of Oklahoma), Zahed Siddique (University of Oklahoma), Dr. Firas Akasheh (Tuskegee University), Bipul Barua (University of Oklahoma), Mr. Christof Heisser (MAGMA Foundry Technologies, Inc.), and Shaiful M. Arif (University of Oklahoma)
  37. Classroom Learning Activities to Support Capstone Project Assessment Instruments [view paper] Jay McCormack (University of Idaho), Denny C. Davis (Washington State University), Steven W. Beyerlein (University of Idaho, Moscow), Howard P. Davis (Washington State University), Michael S. Trevisan (Washington State University), Susannah Howe (Smith College), M. Javed Khan (Tuskegee University), Dr. Patricia Brackin P.E. (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Paul R. Leiffer (LeTourneau University), and Phillip L. Thompson (Seattle University)
  38. Introductory Level Textbook Problems Illustrating Concepts in Pharmaceutical Engineering [view paper] Stephanie Farrell (Rowan University), C. Stewart Slater (Rowan University), Mariano Javier Savelski (Rowan University), and William J. Calvo, Ph.D. (Chemical and Molecular Engineering Program, Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, NY))
  39. Drug Delivery Education Using Microsphere Technology [view paper] Ashley Baxter-Baines (Rowan University), Caitlin Nicole Dillard (Rowan University), Jennifer Vernengo (Rowan University), and Stephanie Farrell (Rowan University)
  40. A Unified Framework for Remote Laboratory Experiments [view paper] Claudio Olmi (University of Houston), Bo Cao (Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory), Han Wang (University of Houston), Xuemin Chen (Texas Southern University), and Gangbing Song (University of Houston)
  41. Engineering Education Research to Practice (E2R2P) [view paper] Steven W. Villachica (Boise State University), Donald Plumlee (Boise State University), Linda Huglin (Boise State University), and Drew Borresen (Boise State University )
  42. Enhance Computer Network Curriculum using Collaborative Project-based Learning [view paper] Jianyu Dong (California State University, Los Angeles) and Huiping Guo (California State University, Los Angeles)
  43. Laboratory Projects Appropriate for Non-Engineers and Introduction to Engineering [view paper] John Krupczak (Hope College) and Kate A Disney (Mission College)
  44. Teaching the Global, Economic, Environmental, and Societal Foundations of Engineering Design through Product Archaeology [view paper] Kemper Lewis (University at Buffalo - SUNY), Deborah A. Moore-Russo (University at Buffalo, SUNY), Omar M. Ashour (Pennsylvania State University ), Timothy W. Simpson (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Gul E. Okudan Kremer (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Xaver Neumeyer (Northwestern University), Ann F. McKenna (Arizona State University, Polytechnic), and Wei Chen (Northwestern University)
  45. CCLI: Model Eliciting Activities: Experiments and Mixed Methods to Assess Student Learning [view paper] Larry J. Shuman (University of Pittsburgh), Mary E. Besterfield-Sacre (University of Pittsburgh), Tuba Pinar Yildirim (University of Pittsburgh), Karen M. Bursic (University of Pittsburgh), and Natasa Vidic (University of Pittsburgh)
  46. Guided Discovery Modules for Statics and Dynamics [view paper] Dr. Javier A. Kypuros (The University of Texas, Pan American), Horacio Vasquez (University of Texas, Pan American), Constantine Tarawneh (The University of Texas, Pan American), Robert D. Wrinkle (University of Texas, Pan American), and Martin William Knecht (South Texas College)
  47. Using Retrospective Assessment to Measure Levels of Student and Faculty Engagement in the Development of Sustainability Supply Chain and Facility Logistics Curriculum [view paper] Suzanna Long, Ph.D. (Missouri University of Science & Technology), Hector J. Carlo (University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez), Dr. Scott E. Grasman (Kettering University), Abhijit Gosavi (Missouri University of Science & Technology), Leonardo Bedoya-Valencia (Colorado State University - Pueblo), and Laura J Collins (Center for Research and Learning)
  48. Engineering Future Chemical Engineers: Incorporation of Process Intensification Concepts into the Undergraduate Curriculum [view paper] Rebecca K. Toghiani (Mississippi State University), Adrienne R. Minerick (Michigan Technological University), Keisha B. Walters (Mississippi State University), Priscilla J. Hill (Mississippi State University), and Carlen Henington (Mississippi State University)
  49. The iCollaborate MSE Project [view paper] Kathleen L. Kitto (Western Washington University) and Debra S. Jusak (Western Washington University)
  50. The First-to-Fourth Flatline: Assessing Undergraduate Students' Creative Capacity [view paper] Holli Burgon (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), J. Bruce Elliott-Litchfield (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), and David E. Goldberg (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  51. Addressing Misconceptions and Knowledge Gaps in the Restructuring of Atomic Bonding Course Content to Enhance Conceptual Change [view paper] Stephen J. Krause (Arizona State University), Jacquelyn E. Kelly (Arizona State University), and Dale R. Baker (Arizona State University)
  52. The EFELTS Project: Engineering Faculty Engagement in Learning Through Service [view paper] Christopher W. Swan (Tufts University), John J. Duffy (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), Kurt Paterson (Michigan Technological University), Dr. Angela R. Bielefeldt (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Olga Pierrakos (James Madison University)
  53. ISES: A Longitudinal Study to Measure the Impacts of Service on Engineering Students [view paper] Christopher W. Swan (Tufts University), Kurt Paterson (Michigan Technological University), Olga Pierrakos (James Madison University), Angela R. Bielefeldt (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Bradley A. Striebig (James Madison University)
  54. Toys'n More: Initial Implementation of Intervention Strategies [view paper] Janice M. Margle (Pennsylvania State University, Abington), Catherine L. Cohan (Pennsylvania State University), Yu-Chang Hsu (Boise State University), Jill L. Lane (Clayton State University), Amy Freeman (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Javier Gomez-Calderon (Penn State University), Dhushy Sathianathan (California State University, Long Beach), and Renata S. Engel (Pennsylvania State University, University Park)
  55. An Investigation on the Impact of the Design Problem in Ideation Effectiveness Research [view paper] Gul E. Okudan Kremer (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Linda C. Schmidt (University of Maryland, College Park), and Noe Vargas Hernandez (University of Texas, El Paso)
  56. NSF STEP Award: The College of Engineering at the University of Nebraska [view paper] David Jones (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), Carmen R. Zafft (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), Dr. John Sutton (RMC Research Corporation), and Lance C. Pérez (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
  57. Developing Inquiry-based Nanobiotechnology Laboratory Experience for Sophomores [view paper] Jianyu Liang (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) and Terri A. Camesano (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
  58. Integration of Particle Technology with Pharmaceutical Industry Applications in the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum and K-12 Education [view paper] Zenaida Otero Gephardt (Rowan University), Stephanie Farrell (Rowan University), Mariano Javier Savelski (Rowan University), C. Stewart Slater (Rowan University), Maryfaith Rodgers (Rowan University), Pavlo Kostetskyy (Rowan University), Keith McIver (Affiliation unknown), Haddy Diallo (Affiliation unknown), Kaitlyn Jean Zienowicz (Affiliation unknown), Jason J. Giacomelli (Rowan University), and Vladimir de Delva (Affiliation unknown)
  59. Engaged in Thermodynamics: Addressing the Student to Learning Material Interface [view paper] Patrick A. Tebbe (Minnesota State University, Mankato), Nicholas Saucedo (Minnesota State University, Mankato), Jeffrey Richard Pribyl (Minnesota State University, Mankato), and Stewart L. Ross (Minnesota State University, Mankato)
  60. Enhancement of Student Learning in Experimental Design Using Virtual Laboratories: Year 3 [view paper] Milo Koretsky (Oregon State University) and Christine Kelly (Oregon State University)
  61. Creativity in an Introductory Engineering Course [view paper] Susan L. Burkett (University of Alabama), John C. Lusth (University of Alabama), and Sushma Kotru (University of Alabama)
  62. Development of Haptic Virtual Reality Gaming Environments for Teaching Nanotechnology [view paper] David Jackson (VCU Haptics Lab), Dianne T.V. Pawluk (Virginia Commonwealth University), and Dr. Curtis R. Taylor (University of Florida)
  63. Engineering Veteran Pathways [view paper] Ingrid St. Omer (University of Kentucky)
  64. The Wright State Model for Engineering Mathematics Education: Highlights from a CCLI Phase 3 Initiative, Volume 2 [view paper] Nathan W. Klingbeil (Wright State University), Scott C. Molitor, Ph.D. (University of Toledo), Brian W. Randolph (University of Toledo), Shane A. Brown (Washington State University), Robert G. Olsen (Washington State University), and Dr. C. Richard Cassady (University of Arkansas)
  65. Manufacturing Integrated Learning Lab (MILL): A Curriculum Model for Hands-On Manufacturing Education [view paper] Mukasa E. Ssemakula (Wayne State University), Celestine Chukwuemeka Aguwa (Wayne State University), R. Darin Ellis (Wayne State University), Kyoung-Yun Kim (Wayne State University), Y. Gene Liao (Wayne State University), and Shlomo S. Sawilowsky (Wayne State University)
  66. CU Thinking: Problem-Solving Strategies Revealed [view paper] Lisa Benson (Clemson University), Dr. Sarah Jane Grigg (Clemson University), David R. Bowman (Clemson University), Michelle Cook (Clemson University), and Roy P. Pargas (Clemson University / U.S .Air Force Academy)
  67. Experimental Modules Introducing Microfabrication Utilizing a Multidisciplinary Approach [view paper] Shawn Wagoner (Binghamton University), David Klotzkin (Binghamton University), and B. E. White, Jr. (Binghamton University)
  68. The Role of Intentional Self-Regulation in Achievement in Engineering [view paper] Morgan M Hynes (Tufts University), Ann F. McKenna (Arizona State University, Polytechnic), Chris Rogers (Tufts University), Megan Kiely Mueller (Tufts University), Xaver Neumeyer (Northwestern University), and Richard M. Lerner (Tufts University)
  69. Transitioning America’s Veterans into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Academic Programs [view paper] Sarah A. Rajala (Mississippi State University), Robert A. Green (Mississippi State University), and Rayford B. Vaughn (Mississippi State University)
  70. Understanding the Technical Entrepreneurship Landscape in Engineering Education [view paper] Mary Besterfield-Sacre (University of Pittsburgh), Nur Ozge Ozaltin (University of Pittsburgh), Angela Shartrand (National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance (NCIIA)), Larry J. Shuman (University of Pittsburgh), and Mr. Phil Weilerstein (VentureWell)
  71. Art2STEM: Building a STEM Workforce at the Middle School Level [view paper] Sydney Rogers (Alignment Nashville), Sandra Harris (Alignment Nashville and PENCIL Foundation), Ismail Fidan (Tennessee Technological University), and David McNeel (Education Consultant)
  72. Writing Effective Evaluation and Dissemination/Diffusion Plans [view paper] Thomas A. Litzinger (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Sarah E. Zappe (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Maura J. Borrego (Virginia Tech), Jefferey E. Froyd (Texas A&M University), Wendy Newstetter (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dr. Karen L. Tonso (Wayne State University), and Dr. Peggy Noel Van Meter (Pennsylvania State University)
  73. Administering a Digital Logic Concept Inventory at Multiple Institutions [view paper] Geoffrey L. Herman (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) and Michael C. Loui (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  74. Assessing the Impact of a Biometrics Course on Students’ Digital Signal Processing Knowledge [view paper] Shane F. Cotter (Union College)
  75. NSF CCLI: An Applied Quantum Mechanics Course Aligned with the Electrical and Computer Engineering Curriculum [view paper] Stella A Quinones (University of Texas, El Paso), Benjamin C. Flores (University of Texas, El Paso), G. B. Lush (University of Texas, El Paso), Gabriel Della-Piana (Evaluation Consultant ), and Denise Carrejo, Ph.D. (University of Texas, El Paso Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research, and Planning)
  76. Developing a Materials Course Teaching Tool Kit to Promote Ease of Implementation of Innovative Classroom Instructional Materials [view paper] Stephen J. Krause (Arizona State University), Jacquelyn E. Kelly (Arizona State University), Andrea Marta Eller (Arizona State University), Dr. Dale R. Baker (Arizona State University), and Jessica Triplett (Arizona State University)
  77. A Rapid Analysis and Signal Conditioning Laboratory (RASCL) Design Compatible with the National Instruments myDAQ® Platform [view paper] Steve Warren (Kansas State University), Xiongjie Dong (Kansas State University), Tim J. Sobering (Kansas State University), and Jason Yao (East Carolina University)
  78. Is Service an Expected Part of the Engineering Profession? [view paper] John J. Duffy (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), Linda Barrington (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), and Manuel A. Heredia Munoz (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)
  79. Design of Problem Solving Environment for Automated System Integration Education [view paper] Sheng-Jen Hsieh (Texas A&M University) and Punit Deotale (Texas A&M University)
  80. A Comparative Study of Classroom Learning and Online Learning on Medical Imaging with Computer Lab Exercises [view paper] Hong Man (Stevens Institute of Technology) and Arthur B. Ritter, Ph.D., FAIMBE (Stevens Institute of Technology)
  81. Visualization and Manipulation of Nanoscale Components Instruction for Engineering Technology Students [view paper] Salahuddin Qazi and Robert Decker (State University of New York, Institute of Tech, Utica, New York and Mohawk Valley Community College) and Robert C. Decker (Mohawk Valley Community College)
  82. Mode of Error Analysis of Student Responses to Pre-Requisite Knowledge Assessments [view paper] David B. Benson (Kettering University)
  83. Engaging Students in STEM Education through a Virtual Learning Lab [view paper] Stephanie Elizabeth August (Loyola Marymount University), Allison Neyer (Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Don Brian Murphy (Loyola Marymount University), and Robert Quinlan Thames (Affiliation unknown)
  84. Research in Progress: Transforming and Integrating: Evolving Construction Materials & Methods to the Next Level [view paper] Chung-Suk Cho (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), David S. Cottrell (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), and Candace E. Mazze (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
  85. Development of Novel Learning Materials for Green Energy Education Centered Around a Photovoltaic (PV) Test Station [view paper] Hirak C. Patangia (University of Arkansas, Little Rock)
  86. Renewable Energy Internships: Study of Seventh and Eighth Grade Students Knowledge of Related Science and Engineering Content [view paper] Tirupalavanam G. Ganesh (Arizona State University), Johnny Thieken (Arizona State University), Lisa Stapley Randall (Arizona State University), and Alison W. Smith (SRP)
  87. Incorporating Screencasts into Chemical Engineering Courses [view paper] Garret Nicodemus (University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering), Dr. John L. Falconer, P.E. (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Dr. Will Medlin (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  88. Collaborative Research: Integration of Conceptual Learning throughout the Core Chemical Engineering Curriculum [view paper] Milo Koretsky (Oregon State University), David L. Silverstein (University of Kentucky), Ronald L. Miller (Colorado School of Mines), and Dr. John L. Falconer, P.E. (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  89. STEP Grant Challenges and Results [view paper] Mary R. Anderson-Rowland (Arizona State University), Dr. Armando A. Rodriguez (Arizona State University), Dr. John H. Bailey (Eastern Arizona College), Ms. Anita Grierson (Arizona State University), Dr. Rakesh Pangasa (Arizona Western College), Prof. Clark Vangilder (Central Arizona College), Dr. Phil Blake McBride (Eastern Arizona College), and Dr. Richard A. Hall, Jr. (Cochise College)
  90. E-Quality Control Method for Measuring Solar Cell Efficiency [view paper] Richard Chiou (Drexel University), Michael G. Mauk (Drexel University), Robin Kizirian (Drexel University), and William Peeples (Drexel University)
  91. TESSAL: Portable Distributed Laboratories in the ECE Curriculum [view paper] Bonnie Ferri (Georgia Tech), JillL L. Auerbach (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jennifer E. Michaels (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Douglas B. Williams (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  92. Digital Additive Manufacturing for Engineering Education: A Virtual Rapid Prototyping Simulator Approach [view paper] Tzu-Liang Bill Tseng (University of Texas, El Paso), Rong Pan (Arizona State University), Jun Zheng (University of Texas, El Paso), Carolyn Joy Awalt (University of Texas, El Paso, College of Education), Maria Veronica Gonzalez (University of Texas, El Paso), and Francisco Medina (Affiliation unknown)
  93. The Effectiveness of Students’ Daily Reflections on Learning in an Engineering Context [view paper] Muhsin Menekse (Arizona State University), Glenda Stump (Arizona State University), Stephen J. Krause (Arizona State University), and Michelene T.H. Chi (Arizona State University)
  94. Inquiry-Based Activities to Address Critical Concepts in Chemical Engineering [view paper] Margot A. Vigeant (Bucknell University), Michael J. Prince (Bucknell University), Katharyn E. K. Nottis (Bucknell University), and Ronald L. Miller (Colorado School of Mines)
  95. A SPIRAL Learning Curriculum for Second Year Students in Mechanical Engineering [view paper] Dr. R. Roemer (University of Utah), Debra J. Mascaro (University of Utah), Eric R. Pardyjak (University of Utah), and Stacy J. Morris Bamberg (University of Utah)
  96. Lab-in-a-Box: Online Instruction and Multimedia Materials to Support Independent Experimentation on Concepts from Circuits [view paper] Kathleen Meehan (Virginia Tech), Robert W. Hendricks (Virginia Tech), Cortney V. Martin (Virginia Tech), Peter Doolittle (Virginia Tech), and Justeen Olinger (Virginia Tech)
  97. Incorporating Various Learning Styles in a Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory [view paper] James L. Hanson (California Polytechnic State University), David J. Elton, Ph.D., P.E., S.M. (Auburn University), and Kirk Vandersall (Arroyo Research Services)
  98. Undergraduate Engineers Engaging and Reflecting in a Professional Practice Simulation [view paper] Cynthia M. D'Angelo (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Naomi C. Chesler (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Prof. David Williamson Shaffer (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Golnaz Arastoopour (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
  99. Use of Software Agent-Monitored Tutorials to Guide Student Learning in Computer-Aided Design, Analysis and Mathematics Projects [view paper] Jack L. Beuth (Carnegie Mellon University), Rohit Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University), and Carolyn Penstein Rose (Carnegie Mellon University)
  100. NSF Grantee Presentation: Challenges of Implementing a Peer Mentoring Program to Support STEM Learning [view paper] Farrokh Attarzadeh (University of Houston), Deniz Gurkan (University of Houston), Mequanint A. Moges (University of Houston), Miguel Angel Ramos (University of Houston), Victor J. Gallardo (University of Houston), and Mehrube Mehrubeoglu (Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi)
  101. The Role of Centers for Teaching and Learning in Improvement of Undergraduate Engineering Education [view paper] Pratibha Varma-Nelson (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis), Stephen Hundley (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis), and Terri Tarr (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis)
  102. Progress and lmpact of SET: An NSF S-STEM Scholarship Project [view paper] Lawretta C. Ononye (State University of New York, Canton)
  103. Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing [view paper] Karen Wosczyna-Birch (CT College of Technology and the Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing), Mr. John Birch III (Affiliation unknown), and Prof. Mehrdad Faezi (Manchester Community College)
  104. Using Portable Electronics Experiment Kits for Electronics Courses in a General Engineering Program [view paper] Jason Yao (East Carolina University), Loren Limberis (East Carolina University), and Steve Warren (Kansas State University)
  105. Lean Six Sigma Nanomanufacturing Course for Engineering and Engineering Technology Programs [view paper] Michael G. Mauk (Drexel University), Vladimir Genis (Drexel University), Dhruv Sakalley (Drexel University), and Holly Burnside (Drexel University)
  106. Effective Practices in Multidisciplinary Teamwork [view paper] Mo Ahmadian (Eastern New Mexico University)
  107. A Direct Method for Teaching and Measuring Engineering Professional Skills: A Validity Study [view paper] Ashley Ater Kranov (Washington State University), Mo Zhang (Washington State University), Steven W. Beyerlein (University of Idaho, Moscow), Jay McCormack (University of Idaho), Patrick D. Pedrow (Washington State University), and Edwin R. Schmeckpeper (Norwich University)
  108. Linking Students’ Interest in Electrical Engineering to their Conceptual Understanding [view paper] Margret Hjalmarson (George Mason University) and Jill K. Nelson (George Mason University)
  109. Helping Students Approach FEA Simulations like Experts [view paper] Kathryn Dimiduk (Cornell University), Rajesh Bhaskaran (Cornell University), Haolin Zhu (Cornell University), and Yingxin Gao (Cornell University)
  110. InTEL: Interactive Toolkit for Engineering Learning Contextualizing Statics Problems to Expand and Retain Women and URM Engineers [view paper] Janet H. Murray (Georgia Tech), Christine Valle (Georgia Institute of Technology), Sue Rosser (San Francisco State University), Wendy C. Newstetter (Georgia Institute of Technology), Laurence J. Jacobs (Georgia Institute of Technology), John D. Leonard II (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Dr. Sneha Veeragoudar Harrell (Affiliation unknown)
  111. Evaluation of Risk in Early Design's Usability in Failure Analysis Instruction [view paper] Katie Grantham (Missouri University of Science & Technology) and Ryan Arlitt (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
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