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U435·Faculty Development Workshop: Instilling the Entrepreneurial/Innovation Mindset in Students
Workshop · Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation Division
Sun. June 26, 2011 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Room 306, Vancouver International Conference Centre
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Ticketed event: $35.00
This ticketed event is $25 advance registration and $35 on-site registration.
In this interactive, two-part workshop, the co-presenters will share their years of experience in teaching entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative skills to students from different disciplines at different universities. In Part I, a set of successful approaches to enhancing students’ entrepreneurial spirit, along with activities that enhance their entrepreneurial and innovation skill sets will be discussed and actively demonstrated with in class think-pair-share type exercises. In Part II, participants will be introduced to powerful tools to boost their creative and innovative thinking skills; win-win approaches to discover, define, and solve problems; and then move on to implement these skills.

  1. Dr. Daniel Raviv

    Florida Atlantic University

    Professor, Department of Computer & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Raviv's research interests include
    Real-Time Vision-Based Robotic Systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Driver-less Cars and Creative, Innovative and Inventive Thinking.

  2. Dr. Daniel M. Ferguson

    Purdue University, West Lafayette (College of Engineering)

    Graduate student, College of Engineering / Dept. of Engineering Education.

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