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Texas A&M Engineering Academies: Impacts of Effective Marketing

Presented at Track : Collegiate - Technical Session 8

The Texas A&M Engineering Academies program is an innovative, co-enrollment pathway for any student interested in pursuing an engineering degree at Texas A&M University. Students admitted to the program are Texas A&M engineering students co-enrolled in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University and at a participating 2-year institution. Texas A&M faculty teach the Texas A&M engineering courses on the 2-year campus while math, science and core curriculum courses are offered through the 2-year institution. Students spend a minimum of one year and a maximum of two years co-enrolled before transitioning full time to College Station to finish a bachelor’s degree.

Texas A&M has partnerships with six different 2-year institutions across Texas. While the admission, enrollment and program completion guidelines are standard across the Engineering Academies program, unique marketing schemes have been developed to promote each individual partnership - ranging from social media advertising to individual outreach, homeschool magazine ads to commercials on streaming services. These efforts aim to increase overall enrollment and target specific populations of underrepresented students.

The overarching goals are to provide an accessible and affordable Aggie engineering degree to students and ultimately contribute to the technically trained workforce in Texas and beyond. This program is a great option for students who want to stay close to home, save money and enjoy small class sizes at the beginning of their academic careers. Effective marketing has been and continues to be critical to the success of this program.

  1. Jon Carter Buchanan Texas A&M University [biography]
  2. Ms. Amy Suzan Klinkovsky Texas A&M Engineering [biography]
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