2019 CoNECD - The Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity

Storytelling and Utopia as Resistance to Marginalization of African-American Engineers at a PWI

Presented at Track: Learning Spaces, Pedagogy, and Curriculum Design Technical Session 5

African American Engineers in Predominately White Programs are often researched with hopes of understanding and adjusting their sense of belonging. This research normally entails identifying pain points and micro-aggressions that punctuate their experience of being underrepresented. To avoid re-traumatizing these students, a research design has been developed to be sensitive to the experience of trauma that incorporates Dr. Joanne Bank’s Wallace’s Story Telling framework and Utopian Ideation. These frameworks were used to conduct research on 54 African American Engineers at a Large Midwestern University. This presentation intends to discuss the development, implementation, and implications of this research design and can be used to inform how universities conduct research on their underrepresented populations.

  1. Ms. Chanel Beebe Purdue University, West Lafayette [biography]
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