2019 CoNECD - The Collaborative Network for Engineering and Computing Diversity

Seeding a Strategic Campaign to Address Root Causes of Inequity in Engineering Education

Presented at Track: Special Topic - Social Justice and Reform Technical Session 6

This participatory workshop session will seed and organize a movement with and for engineering educators who want to enact structural change addressing inequity in engineering. For this purpose, we are interested in testing organizing models from social movements to assess their potential for achieving change in engineering education settings. In doing so, we hope to build and improve infrastructure to aid engineering educators -- especially “lone wolves” who may be disconnected from engineering education research networks -- to support change efforts. We are interested in achieving two goals as outcomes of research with and about engineering educators via our Relational Organizing/Action Research (ROAR) project: (1) changing rewards structures in ways that value engineering education research contributions; and (2) enacting structural change that enhances diversity, inclusion, and equity. During the first step of this ROAR project, we conducted and analyzed interviews to examine what networks and resources are currently available (or unavailable but necessary) for engineering education scholars to feel supported and make structural and institutional change in higher education (see Quiles-Ramos et al 2019, ASEE Conference Proceedings). Building on our findings, this workshop will employ root cause analysis according to the Highlander Research and Education Center’s theory of change in order to generate and evaluate potential interventions addressing the ways in which racism, sexism, ableism, hetero- and cis-normativies enact exclusion and marginalization within STEM education and academia more broadly. As an outcome, this session will gather together like-minded individuals working intersectionally and convene a group dialogue toward brainstorming, organizing, and planning actions in the form of a specific campaign for diversity, inclusion, and equity in engineering education.

  1. Dr. Ellen Foster Purdue University, West Lafayette [biography]
  2. Dr. Jennifer Karlin Minnesota State University, Mankato [biography]
  3. Ms. Stephanie Quiles-Ramos ​Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University [biography]
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