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U16A·CANCELLED: NAMEPA Workshop: Are Your Policies Creating an Institutional Barrier for Equity? Identifying and Removing Barriers to Equity and Creating a Business Case for Policy Change
Workshop NAMEPA
Sun. April 14, 2019 9:00 AM to 12:45 PM
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Ticketed event: Workshop A - NAMEPA Non Member - $225.00
Workshop A - NAMEPA Member Ticket - $175.00
Many diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have traditionally focused on how we can equip individuals to overcome barriers that lead to inequitable experiences in engineering education. By solely relying on changing individuals to create more equitable outcomes, the underlying systemic root causes may be perpetuated. In this interactive workshop, participants will work through case studies that demonstrate how policies and practices within our educational structures can have differential effects on students based on their identities and identify solutions for systemic change. An expert panel will share the challenges they have faced at their institutions and provide strategies to overcome them. All participants will leave with a concrete plan for analyzing equity barriers in program policy and actions to influence change at their institutions.

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