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U15B·WEPAN Workshop: Navigating Conflict Effectively
Workshop WEPAN
Sun. April 14, 2019 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Salon G&F , Marriott Crystal Gateway
Session Description

Ticketed event: WEPAN Workshop B - Non Member Ticket - $225.00
Workshop B - Member Ticket - $175.00
Regardless of what organization or sector of business you work in, people must learn to effectively communicate with others to increase productivity and create engagement within teams. Business requires us to collaborate with people from different generations, cultures, and levels of experience, in a work environment where conflict is readily available.

Purpose: We all deal with conflict in one way or another, and it can easily be fueled by our style of communication. So, unless we have enough self-awareness around our tendencies, we are likely contributing to those interactions in a negative way. Healthy conflict is important, but we tend to avoid having difficult conversations or aren’t having the right conversations to navigate those conflicts well.

Learning Goals: When you understand your own style and adapt to the styles of others, it creates opportunity for diversity of thought, allowing new ideas to emerge, and ultimately improves results.

In this interactive workshop, participants will:
1. Discuss challenges associated with communication and what causes conflict.
2. Learn about four different communication styles and discover the primary tendencies each style demonstrates when interacting with others.
3. Identify stressors and motivators to each style and learn how to leverage strengths to improve outcomes when communicating with people.
4. Discover the benefits of establishing connections with others through building trust.
5. List steps to effectively manage negative conflict and move toward productive interactions with others.

This workshop will be led by Kathy Sullivan, M.A., SPHR, who has spent 20 years coaching and consulting with businesses to develop individuals, teams, and organizations in order to increase productivity and organizational effectiveness. As Director of Organizational Development, she oversees the Coaching and OD practices at PRADCO, and works with clients utilizing various assessment tools to improve overall leadership capabilities of its employees, creating a more motivated and engaged workforce.

A Personal Styles Assessment instrument will be provided by PRADCO to participants who are registered for the workshop as of April 1, 2019 at no additional fee. Note: Late registrants may still complete the assessment and attend the workshop, but individual results will not be aggregated in the workshop presentation and may not be made available until after the workshop.

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