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U16B·CANCELLED: NAMEPA and WEPAN Workshop: Minorities And Higher Education: Exploring Experiences Of Women
Workshop NAMEPA and WEPAN
Sun. April 14, 2019 9:00 AM to 12:45 PM
Session Description

Ticketed event: NAMEPA and WEPAN Workshop D - Non Member Ticket - $225.00
Workshop D - Member Rate - $175.00
Speaker: Dr. Christi McGeorge (Human Development and Education, North Dakota State University)

Afternoon Session

This session explores the impact of gender and racial/ethnic identity on an individual’s experiences of campus climate. Through small group activities, a review of the existing research, and large group discussions, this session will seek to shift the dialogue from individual problems and solutions to seeking to acknowledge and identify institutional challenges and solutions.

The session will begin with a series of small group table activities that will facilitate a discussion of:
1) the barriers to a positive and equitable climate in university units/departments;
2) institutional changes needed to address issues related to inequity in participants’ institutions;
3) individual actions by faculty, staff, and administrators that can help to address issues related to inequity at institutions.
The second portion of the session will involve a PowerPoint presentation summarizing recent literature on the experiences of diverse faculty and students. The topics covered will include letters of recommendation, evaluation of faculty job candidates, students’ ratings of instruction, evaluation of faculty research, and differences in perceived speaking. As we review the research, we will invite participants to reflect on and share how this research mirrors or differs from their own experiences in higher education.
The final portion of the session will be a large group discussion on shifting the focus from individual solutions to institutional solutions. The session will end with a brainstorming activity focused on generating concrete actions that institutions can take to increase equity.

Please note that this session is developed for women, including women of color, and those identifying as female. The “Men Allies for Gender Equity” session is available for men and those identifying as male.

Purpose: To increase participants’ awareness of the existing literature on inequities in higher education as well as to create a dialogue about the institutional changes needed to facilitate greater equity.

Learning Goals: Workshop participants will:
• understand the context of gender and racial/ethnic inequity in academia through reviewing the literature on faculty experiences in higher education
• be able to identify a number of different institutional solutions that could be enacted to create greater equity on their university campuses

Materials: Workshop attendees will receive the presentation slides (electronic format).

Activities: Activities include presentation of materials, small group discussions, and open question-and-answer opportunities.

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