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T513·Track: Special Topic - Identity Technical Session 10
Technical Special Topic: Identity
Tue. April 16, 2019 2:20 PM to 3:00 PM
Salon E&D, Marriott Crystal Gateway
Session Description

In this session, attendees will be able to explore identity through a variety of voices, including: transgender and gender nonconforming engineering experiences, hidden and transitioning identities, STEM identity and self-efficacy, and the intersections of engineering identity. Building community through professional development also will be highlighted.

Moderated by
  1. Ms. Christine Newman and Dr. Elizabeth Litzler
Papers Presented
  1. Exploring Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Engineering Undergraduate Experiences through Autoethnography [view paper]
    Andrea Haverkamp (Oregon State University), Ms. Ava Butler (Oregon State University), Ms. Naya Selene Pelzl (), Michelle Kay Bothwell (Oregon State University), Dr. Devlin Montfort (Oregon State University), and Dr. Qwo-Li Driskill (Oregon State University)

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