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M440·Case Studies in Entrepreneurship
Technical · Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation Division
Mon. June 24, 2013 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
Omni - Redwood, Omni CNN Center Hotel
Session Description

Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation Division Case Studies in Entrepreneurship

  1. Moderated by Mr. Phil Weilerstein
Papers Presented
  1. From Idea to Impact: A Case Study for Sustainable Innovation [view paper] Dr. Daniel Raviv (Florida Atlantic University) and Dr. Alex Kotlarchyk (Affiliation unknown)
  2. Bending Moments to Business Models: Integrating an Entrepreneurship Case Study as Part of Core Mechanical Engineering Curriculum [view paper] Dr. Mark Schar (Stanford University), Dr. Sheri Sheppard (Stanford University), Dr. Samantha Ruth Brunhaver (Stanford University), Mr. Mark Cuson (Affiliation unknown), and Michelle Marie Grau (Stanford University)
  3. A qualitative study into the innovation and technology transfer experience of a micro-manufacturer within a University-Industry collaboration context in regional Australia [view paper] Dr. Steven Chingnam Goh (University of Southern Queensland)
  4. Reel Entrepreneurs: Illustrating Entrepreneurship with Feature Films [view paper] Dr. Zbigniew J Pasek (University of Windsor)
  5. Smart Phone App Development: A Multi-College Approach [view paper] Dr. Ravi T. Shankar (Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL), Mr. Francis Xavier McAfee (Florida Atlantic University), Dr. Michael S Harris (Florida Atlantic University), and Dr. Ravi S Behara (Florida Atlantic University)
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