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S10·Track 1 - Session I - Student Development
Technical Invited - Student Development
Sat. June 22, 2013 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Magnolia, Omni CNN Hotel
Session Description

Student Development Track Session I

Moderated by
  1. Dr. Peter K Kilpatrick
Papers Presented
  1. Invited Paper - Preparing the Global Engineer: How learning to teach in a Service-Learning Project Develops Effective Communication Skills in Engineering Students [view paper]
    Mrs. Robyne Bowering (Monash University)
  2. Invited Paper - Improving First-year Engineering Education Using the Engineers Without Borders Australia Challenge: what worked for whom under what circumstances [view paper]
    Ms. Lyn Brodie (University of Southern Queensland), Lesley Jolly (Strategic Partnerships), Caroline Crosthwaite (University of Queensland), and Lydia Kavanaugh (University of Queensland)
  3. Invited Paper - Faculty Professionalization in Industry Sponsored Projects in Austrian Vocational Education and Training Schools [view paper]
    Dr. Eleonore Lickl (HBLVA for Chemical Industry)
  4. Invited Paper - University of Porto, its Faculty of Engineering and Project Based Learning (PBL) Approaches [view paper]
    Ms. Teresa Restivo (University of Porto)
  5. Invited Paper - Does the International Engineering Program Produce Graduates for the Rhode Island Workforce? Assessing Skill Sets and Company Needs [view paper]
    Dr. Sigrid Berka (University of Rhode Island), Walter von Reinhart (University of Rhode Island), and Erin Papa (University of Rhode Island)
  6. Invited Paper - International Acreditation, Key Factor for preparation of Global Engineers. Universidad del Norte Experience [view paper]
    Dr. Javier A. Paez Saavedra (Fundacion Universidad del Norte)

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