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U223·SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Encouraging Information-Rich Engineering Design
Workshop · Design in Engineering Education Division
Sun. June 15, 2014 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Room 107, Indiana Convention Center
Session Description

Ticketed event: $20.00
The Information-Rich Engineering Design Model (Fosmire and Radcliffe), which received the 2012 PIC-IV Best Paper award, provides the foundational underpinning for the workshop. The model identifies information activities corresponding to each stage of the engineering design process. In the course of the workshop, attendees will play the role of designers, responding to scenarios and identifying where internal and external information can be obtained to better understand a problem, generate solutions, evaluate solutions, and embody the design. In particular, participants will learn how to determine the needs of stakeholders, better understand the context of the design problem, and make sure they meet professional standards and legal requirements for their designs. In addition to their own brainstorming, they investigate the prior art of others to enlarge the solution space they explore. Using information gathered or generated themselves, they determine the most promising of their proposed solutions.

The format of the workshop is to take each stage sequentially in 30-minute chunks, spending approximately 10 minutes introducing the stage of the engineering design process and its information components, followed by 20 minutes of hands-on, small-group activity illustrating the information-gathering and application component, with reports out to the full group. Participants will then debrief their experiences, which activities seemed to resonate, and how they might adapt some of the activities in their own practice.

We expect that this workshop will draw participants from both the engineering design community and the engineering librarian community, and we anticipate this activity will be synergistic, as instructors and librarians interact and share their unique perspectives and reach a richer understanding of an integrated, informed approach to engineering design.

  1. Mr. Jon N. Jeffryes

    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

    Jon Jeffryes is an engineering librarian at the University of Minnesota, where he is subject liaison to Biomedical, Civil, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering departments and manages the Libraries Standards Collection. Jon has a MA-LIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a B.A. in English from Grinnell College. His research interests are focused on the information needs of engineers and information literacy and teaching.

  2. Mr. Michael Fosmire

    Purdue University, West Lafayette (College of Engineering)

    Michael Fosmire is the head of the Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Technology Division and Professor of Library Science of the Purdue University Libraries. He has written extensively on the role of information in active-learning pedagogies and the integration of information literacy in science and technology curricula.

  3. Prof. David F Radcliffe P.E.

    Swinburne University of Technology

    David Radcliffe is the Kamyar Haghighi Head of the School of Engineering Education and the Epistemology Professor of Engineering Education at Purdue University. His teaching and research interests span design, sustainable systems, engineering education and professional development, innovative learning spaces, and knowledge management.

  4. Prof. Amy S. Van Epps

    Harvard University

    Amy S. Van Epps is an associate professor of library science and engineering librarian at Purdue University, where she is subject librarian for engineering education, industrial engineering, and nuclear engineering in the College of Engineering, and computer graphics technology, computer and information technology, and technology leadership and innovation in the College of Technology. Amy has a B.A. in engineering science from Lafayette College, a MSLS from the Catholic University of America, and a M.Eng. (IE) from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She has extensive experience providing instruction for engineering and technology students, including Purdue’s first-year engineering program. Her research interests include finding effective methods for integrating information literacy knowledge into the undergraduate engineering curriculum.

  5. Prof. Ruth Wertz P.E.

    Valparaiso University

    Ruth Wertz is a doctoral candidate in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. She holds a master of science degree in civil engineering from Purdue University and a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Trine University (formerly Tri-State University). Ms. Wertz is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Indiana with over six years of field experience and eight years of classroom teaching experience. Ms. Wertz’s research interests include teaching and learning engineering in online course formats, and the development of information literacy in engineering students.

  6. Mr. Jay J. Bhatt

    Drexel University (Eng. & Eng. Tech.)

    Jay Bhatt is the liaison librarian for engineering at Drexel University. He is responsible for building library collections in engineering subject areas, outreach to faculty and students, and teaching information and research skills to faculty and students in engineering, biomedical engineering, and related subject areas. He provides individual and small group consultations to students, instructional sessions to specific classes, online research support in both face-to-face and distance-learning programs, and workshops for specialized research areas. Bhatt has published and presented papers extensively in the area of information literacy for engineering students.

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