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W212·Improving Introductory Experiences in Chemical Engineering
Technical · Chemical Engineering Division
Wed. June 18, 2014 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM
Room 124, Indiana Convention Center
Session Description

Remember how your first chemical engineering classes seemed so complex and obtuse? Topics in this session discuss how to make the early classes in the chemical engineering curriculum more accessible.

  1. Moderated by Dr. David L. Silverstein P.E. and Dr. Susan M. Montgomery
Papers Presented
  1. Writing Abstracts of Homework Problem Solutions: Implementation and Assessment in a Material Balances Course [view paper] Dr. Kevin D. Dahm (Rowan University) and Dr. Stephanie Farrell (Rowan University)
  2. Studio-based Learning in Multiple Material/Energy Balance Classes [view paper] Dr. Richard L. Zollars (Washington State University)
  3. Integrating Freshmen into Exploring the Multi-Faceted World of Engineering and Sustainability through Biofuels Synthesis from Waste Cooking Oil [view paper] Ms. Laura-Ann Shaa Ling Chin (Villanova University), Dr. Justinus Agus Budi Satrio (Villanova University), and Dr. Kenneth A. Kroos (Villanova University)
  4. Fostering the Development of Critical Thinking in an Introduction to Chemical Process Engineering Design Course [view paper] Mrs. Gladis Chávez-Torrejón (Universidad de las Americas Puebla), Mrs. Silvia Husted (Universidad de las Americas Puebla), Dr. Nelly Ramirez-Corona (Universidad de las Americas Puebla), Prof. Aurelio Lopez-Malo (Universidad de las Americas Puebla), and Dr. Enrique Palou (Universidad de las Americas Puebla)
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