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T125· Pedagogy and Learning 1
Technical · Educational Research and Methods Division
Tue. June 17, 2014 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM
Room 106, Indiana Convention Center
  1. Moderated by Dr. Noemi V Mendoza Diaz and Dr. Rachel Louis Kajfez
Papers Presented
  1. Developing a Learner-Centered Classroom Through Collaborative Knowledge Building [view paper] Dr. Glenn W. Ellis (Smith College), Halimat A. Ipesa-Balogun (Smith College), Ms. Yanning Yu (Northwestern University), Ms. Yezhezi Zhang (Smith College), and Miss Xi Jiang (Smith College)
  2. Probing the Inverted Classroom: A Controlled Study of Teaching and Learning Outcomes in Undergraduate Engineering and Mathematics [view paper] Dr. Nancy K. Lape (Harvey Mudd College), Dr. Rachel Levy (Harvey Mudd College), Dr. Darryl H. Yong (Harvey Mudd College), Prof. Karl A. Haushalter (Harvey Mudd College), Dr. Rebecca Eddy (Cobblestone Applied Research & Evaluation, Inc.), and Ms. Nancy Hankel (Cobblestone Applied Research & Evaluation, Inc.)
  3. A Study of Feedback Provided to Student Teams Engaged in Open-Ended Projects [view paper] Dr. Laura Hirshfield (Oregon State University), Ms. Jaynie L. Whinnery (Oregon State University), Dr. Debra M. Gilbuena (Oregon State University), and Dr. Milo Koretsky (Oregon State University)
  4. On Implementation of Classroom-Based Pedagogies of Engagement: Relevant Measures and General Outcomes [view paper] Dr. Waddah Akili (Iowa State University)
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