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W248·Teaching Communication II
Technical · Liberal Education/Engineering & Society Division
Wed. June 18, 2014 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM
Room 121, Indiana Convention Center
Session Description

Communication skills are an essential part of the engineer’s professional toolbox. Industry has long recognized this need. ABET also recognizes it in their accreditation criteria for engineering programs, specifically in Criterion 3, Student Outcome (g): “an ability to communicate effectively.”

LEES is interested in enhancing student communication skills in written, verbal, and visual forms. All the papers in this session cover at least verbal communication skills, and in some cases written or visual forms as well.

  1. Moderated by Mr. Brad Jerald Henderson
Papers Presented
  1. Incorporating Oral Presentations into Electrical and Computer Engineering Design Courses: A Four-Course Study [view paper] Ms. Nabila A. Bousaba (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Dr. James M. Conrad (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Ms. Jean L. Coco (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Prof. Mehdi Miri (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), and Prof. Robert W. Cox (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)
  2. Effect of Student Model Presentations from a Speaking Contest on the Development of Engineering Students as Speakers [view paper] Ms. Maryellen Meny Overbaugh (Affiliation unknown), Mr. Michael Alley (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), and Ms. Christine Haas (Engineering Ambassadors Network)
  3. Final Results of Reliability Testing for the Norback-Utschig Presentation Scoring System and Implications for Instruction [view paper] Dr. Judith Shaul Norback (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dr. Tristan T. Utschig (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mr. Anthony Joseph Bonifonte (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Gloria J. Ross (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  4. Work-in-Progress: Undergraduate Teaching and Research Experiences in Engineering (Utree): An Engineering Student Organization with a Communication Focus [view paper] Victoria Vadyak (Affiliation unknown), Mr. Michael Alley (Pennsylvania State University, University Park), Dr. Joanna K. Garner (Old Dominion University), and Ms. Christine Haas (Christine Haas Consulting)
  5. Long-Distance Collaboration, International Perspective, and Social Responsibility through a Shared Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Course [view paper] Dr. Jodi Prosise (St. Ambrose University) and Prof. Hank Yochum (Sweet Briar College)
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