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T447·K-12 and Pre-College Engineering Division Poster Session
Poster · Pre-College Engineering Education Division
Tue. June 17, 2014 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
Exhibit Hall A B C, Indiana Convention Center
Session Description

During the K-12 and Pre-College Engineering Division poster session, Works in Progress are presented for review and discussion. This session is a great opportunity to have in-depth discussions among authors and attendees.

  1. Moderated by Ms. Sharlene Yang and Dr. Merredith D Portsmore
Papers Presented
  1. STEM Summer Institute Increases Student and Parent Understanding of Engineering [view paper] Dr. Stacy S. Klein-Gardner (Harpeth Hall School and Vanderbilt University)
  2. Summer Engineering Outreach Program for High School Students: Survey and Analysis [view paper] Dr. Charles Lam (California State University, Bakersfield), Dr. Melissa Danforth (California State University, Bakersfield), Dr. Hani Mehrpouyan P.E. (California State University, Bakersfield), and Dr. Ronald Hughes (CSUB STEM Affinity Group)
  3. Shifts in the Cultural Production of "Smartness" Through Engineering in Elementary Classrooms [view paper] Tess Anne Hegedus (The University of North Carolina, Greensboro), Heidi B. Carlone (The University of North Carolina, Greensboro), and Aundrea D. Carter (University of North Carolina, Greensboro)
  4. Supporting Children’s Engineering Discourse and Decision Making with Multimedia Engineering Notebook Tools (work in progress) [view paper] Kristen B. Wendell (University of Massachusetts, Boston), Dr. Christopher George Wright (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), and Dr. Patricia C. Paugh (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
  5. Integrating Assembly Language Programming into High School STEM Education (work in progress) [view paper] Mr. Joseph Foy (L&N STEM Academy, Knox County Schools), Dr. Chien-fei Chen (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), and Mr. Erin James Wills (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
  6. Investigating Secondary Students’ Engagement with Web-based Engineering Design Processes [view paper] Crystal Jean DeJaegher (University of Virginia) and Prof. Jennifer L. Chiu (University of Virginia)
  7. Design it! Build it! A Summer Engineering Workshop for High School Students to Foster Creativity and Change Perceptions of Engineering (work in progress) [view paper] Prof. Vicki V. May (Dartmouth College)
  8. The Video Case Diagnosis Task: Assessing Pre-Service Teachers’ Knowledge of Engineering Design Practices (work in progress) [view paper] Kristen B. Wendell (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
  9. Investigation of High School Pathways into Engineering (work in progress) [view paper] Dr. Carla B. Zoltowski (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Dr. Marisa Exter (Purdue University), Dr. Monica E. Cardella (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Mr. Todd P. Shuba (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Ji Hyun Yu (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Miss Mindy Hart (EPICS), and Dr. William C. Oakes (Purdue University, West Lafayette)
  10. Assessing the First-Year Pilot of STEM: Explore, Discover, Apply – STEM Curricula for Middle Schools (work in progress) [view paper] Dr. Krystal S. Corbett (Cyber Innovation Center), Mr. Joshua M. Coriell (Cyber Innovation Center), and Miss Sara Hahler (Louisiana Tech University)
  11. Workforce of the Future: Ideas for Improving K-12 Outreach by Transportation Engineering Educators through Near-Peer Involvement and Leveraging Contextual Exposure [view paper] Dr. N. Nezamuddin (Valparaiso University) and Dr. Anurag Pande (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo)
  12. A Collaborative K-12 STEM Education Framework Using Traffic Flow as a Real-world Challenge Problem [view paper] Mr. Shashank Shekhar (Vanderbilt University), Mr. Faruk Caglar (Vanderbilt University), Anton Dukeman (Vanderbilt University), Liyan Hou (Affiliation unknown), Dr. Aniruddha Gokhale (Vanderbilt University), Dr. John S. Kinnebrew (Vanderbilt University), and Prof. Gautam Biswas (Vanderbilt University)
  13. Four-Way Collaboration Between a Non-Profit, University, Honor Society, and Charter School to Engineer Tropism Machines for Sustainable Space Nutrition Classroom Instruction (work In progress) [view paper] Turner Ralph Swanson (Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society), Mr. Justin Matthew Collins (Milwaukee School of Engineering), Jill Frey (Sweet Water Foundation), Joey Zocher (Escuela Verde), and Dr. Matthew J. Traum (Milwaukee School of Engineering)
  14. Leading by Example for Engineering Design (LEED) to Meet Next Generation Science Standards in Middle and High School Science and Math Classes [view paper] Dr. Evan C. Lemley (University of Central Oklahoma), Mr. Bob Melton (Putnam City Schools), Dr. Elizabeth Ann Allan (University of Central Oklahoma), Grant M. Armstrong (University of Central Oklahoma ), James E. Stewart (University of Central Oklahoma), and Dr. Morshed Khandaker (University of Central Oklahoma)
  15. Using an Engineering Design Process Portfolio Scoring Rubric to Structure Online High School Engineering Education [view paper] Dr. James F. Groves (University of Virginia), Dr. Leigh R. Abts (University of Maryland, College Park), and Dr. Gail Lynn Goldberg (Affiliation unknown)
  16. K-12 Teacher Internships: Professional Development in the Engineering Design Process and STEM Learning [view paper] Dr. Bradley Bowen (North Dakota State University)
  17. Haptic Abilities and Their Impact on Teaching and Learning in the STEM Fields [view paper] Dr. Nancy E. Study (Pennsylvania State University, Erie) and Mr. Robert Edwards (Pennsylvania State University, Erie)
  18. Engineering in the K-12 Classroom [view paper] Dr. Deborah Besser P.E. (University of St. Thomas) and Dr. Debra Monson (University of St. Thomas)
  19. Capturing Evidence of Metacognitive Awareness of Pre-service STEM Educators Using ‘Codifying’ of Thinking Through e-Portfolios (Research-to-Practice) [view paper] Mr. Patrick Rowsome (University of Limerick), Dr. Diarmaid Lane (University of Limerick), and Dr. Seamus Gordon (University of Limerick)
  20. Capturing the Design Thinking of Young Children Interacting with a Parent [view paper] Brianna L. Dorie (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Dr. Monica E Cardella (Purdue University, West Lafayette), and Dr. Gina Navoa Svarovsky (Science Museum of Minnesota)
  21. Analyzing Students' Computational Models as They Learn in STEM Disciplines [view paper] Mr. Anton Dukeman (Vanderbilt University), Mr. Shashank Shekhar (Vanderbilt University), Mr. Faruk Caglar (Vanderbilt University), Dr. Aniruddha Gokhale (Vanderbilt University), Prof. Gautam Biswas (Vanderbilt University), and Dr. John S. Kinnebrew (Vanderbilt University)
  22. Engaging Students in the Complex Issues Surrounding Data Center Thermal Management [view paper] Eric Daney (Downingtown Area School District & Villanova University), Dr. Aaron P. Wemhoff (Villanova University), and Dr. Gerard F. Jones (Villanova University)
  23. A Conceptual Framework for Engineering Design Experiences in High School [view paper] Dr. Cameron Denson (North Carolina State University) and Dr. Matthew D. Lammi (North Carolina State University)
  24. Identifying and Cultivating Diverse STEM Talent through Creative Robotics [view paper] Jennifer Cross (Carnegie Mellon University) and Emily Hamner (Carnegie Mellon University)
  25. Innovation Center: Preparing High School Students for the 21st Century Economy by Providing Resources and Opportunities to Create Genuine Projects with Industry Partners (work in progress) [view paper] Mr. John Steckel (St. Vrain Valley School District), Ms. Patty Ann Quinones (St. Vrain Valley School District), Dr. Malinda S. Zarske (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Dr. Daniel Knight (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  26. Does Teaching Matter? Factors that Influence High School Students’ Decisions on Whether to Pursue College STEM Majors [view paper] Dr. Gary Lichtenstein (Quality Evaluation Designs), Dr. Martin L. Tombari (University of Texas, Austin), Dr. Sheri D. Sheppard (Stanford University), and Ms. Kaye Storm (Stanford University)
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