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W548B·Engineering as a Professional Calling
Technical · Liberal Education/Engineering & Society Division
Wed. June 18, 2014 2:15 PM to 3:45 PM
Room 105, Indiana Convention Center
Session Description

Engineering is more than science and math. It is a profession that blends technical skills with creativity, entrepreneurship, strong ability to communicate, problem-solving, and a broad contextual understanding of how technology impacts the society in which it is embedded. Students considering engineering as a major are also contemplating it as a job, a career, and a professional calling. This session explores how we as educators can help students make important decisions about how they will direct their life’s work.

  1. Moderated by Dr. Justin L Hess
Papers Presented
  1. Engineering Education Policymaking in a Cross-National Context: A Critical Analysis of Engineering Education Accreditation in China [view paper] Dr. Qin Zhu (Purdue University), Prof. Brent K Jesiek (Purdue University, West Lafayette), and Jian Yuan (Beihang University)
  2. Engineering and Engineering Education as Spiritual Vocations [view paper] Ms. Julia D Thompson (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Mel Chua (Purdue University), and Cole H Joslyn (Purdue University)
  3. Engineering Habits of Mind - an Undergraduate Course that Asks: 'What Is It That Makes Someone an Engineer?' and 'What Distinguishes Engineers from Other Professionals?' [view paper] Prof. Joseph M LeDoux (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ms. Jacquelyn E. Borinski (Georgia Institute of Technology), Kimberly Danielle Haight (Georgia Institute of Technology ), Ms. Elaine Catherine McCormick (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Dr. Alisha A.W. Waller (Georgia Institute of Technology)
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