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U421·SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Micro Inequities: The Power of Small™
Workshop · Corporate Member Council
Sun. June 15, 2014 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Room 127, Indiana Convention Center
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The Power of Small™ program focuses on how we send messages across businesses, borders and cultures. It instructs participants how to drive rapid behavior change, incorporate this skill into the realm of routine workplace interactions and measurably raise business leadership and diversity performance. Repeated sending or receiving of negative micro messages, Micro Inequities, results in exponential erosion of workforce effectiveness. It’s these very messages that often cause colleagues who receive them to question their value and ultimately their commitment to a business. Conversely, well-crafted and constructive micro messages, Micro Advantages, have an equally powerful positive effect that promotes loyalty and heightened performance.

  1. Stephen Young

    Insight Education Systems

    Stephen Young is senior partner of Insight Education Systems, a management consulting firm specializing in leadership and organizational development services. As a recognized leader in this field, Mr. Young frequently consults with senior executives and management teams of numerous Fortune 500 companies. For more than a decade, he has been a featured speaker at business conferences worldwide. He is much sought after for his powerful and engaging presentation style. Mr. Young's widely acclaimed seminar Micro Inequities: The Power of Small™ has been embraced by over 15 percent of Fortune 500 corporations and is being touted by corporate leaders as the new paradigm for diversity and leadership. He is the author of the top-selling book, Micro Messaging: Why Great Leadership is Beyond Words. As former senior vice president and chief diversity officer at JPMorgan Chase, he managed the firm’s diversity strategy worldwide. Under his leadership, the company garnered numerous awards for its diversity initiatives, including the Catalyst Award, Fortune Magazine’s Top 50 Companies for Minorities award, the Best Companies Award from Working Mother Magazine, and Diversity, Inc magazine’s designation as the Number 1 company for diversity. His work has been featured in numerous business publications including The Wall Street Journal, and the Harvard Business Review newsletter, and has been cited by Oprah Winfrey in several issues of her O magazine. Time magazine featured Mr. Young's Micro Inequities program in its annual “WHAT’S NEXT” issue as the selection for what’s next in leadership.

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