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U113·Design Tools and Skill Development
Technical · Design in Engineering Education Division
Sun. June 25, 2017 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Room A113, Columbus Convention Center
  1. Moderated by Dr. Alexandra Coso Strong
Papers Presented
  1. A Skills-focused Approach to Teaching Design Fundamentals to Large Numbers of Students and Its Effect on Engineering Design Self-efficacy [view paper] Dr. William H. Guilford (University of Virginia)
  2. Assessment of a Novel Learning Block Model for Engineering Design Skill Development: A Case Example for Engineering Design Interviewing [view paper] Maria R. Young (University of Michigan), Dr. Shanna R. Daly (University of Michigan), Dr. Sara Lynn Hoffman (University of Michigan), Prof. Kathleen H. Sienko (University of Michigan), and Madeline A. Gilleran (University of Michigan)
  3. Designettes in Capstone: Impact of Early Design Experiences in Capstone Education with Emphasis on Depth of Design Process Content [view paper] Lt. Col. Cory Cooper (United States Air Force Academy), Dr. Daniel D. Jensen (United States Air Force Academy), and Dr. Michael Lawrence Anderson P.E. (United States Air Force Academy)
  4. Embracing Ambiguity: A Framework for Promoting Iterative Design Thinking Approaches in Engineering and Design Curricula [view paper] Annie Abell (Ohio State University) and Kelly DeVore (Columbus College of Art and Design)
  5. Iterating on Students' Perceptions of Iteration in the Design Process: An Exploratory Study [view paper] Steven Eric Meyer (Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering) and Dr. Alexandra Coso Strong (Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering)
  6. Supporting Novice Engineers in Idea Generation using Design Heuristics [view paper] Laura R. Murphy (University of Michigan), Dr. Shanna R. Daly (University of Michigan), Dr. Seda McKilligan (Iowa State University), and Dr. Colleen M. Seifert (University of Michigan)
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