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U114B·Qualitative Research Methods
Technical · Educational Research and Methods Division
Sun. June 25, 2017 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
Room C160B, Columbus Convention Center
  1. Moderated by Dr. Kelsey Joy Rodgers and Mr. Nelson S Pearson
Papers Presented
  1. Beyond the Interpretive: Finding Meaning in Qualitative Data [view paper] Dr. Elliot P. Douglas (University of Florida)
  2. Student Perceptions on Learning - Inside and Outside Classrooms [view paper] Miss Sreyoshi Bhaduri (Virginia Polytechnic and State University) and Dr. Holly M. Matusovich (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
  3. Mindful Methodology: A transparent dialogue on Adapting Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis for Engineering Education Research [view paper] Dr. Adam Kirn (University of Nevada, Reno), Dr. Allison Godwin (Purdue University, West Lafayette (College of Engineering)), Dr. Cheryl Cass (North Carolina State University), Dr. Monique S. Ross (Florida International University), and Dr. James L. Huff (Harding University)
  4. The Hidden Person within the Frustrated Student: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of a Student's Experience in a Programming Course [view paper] Dr. James L. Huff (Harding University) and Mr. H. Ronald Clements (Harding University)
  5. The benefits of ethnographic research in exploring new intervention in STEM higher education programs [view paper] Prof. Diana Jaleh Arya (University of California, Santa Barbara), Ms. Noreen Balos (University of California, Santa Barbara), Dr. Maria Teresa Napoli (University of California, Santa Barbara), and Dr. Elizabeth Sciaky (University of California, Santa Barbara)
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