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T746·Curriculum Exchange II
Technical · Pre-College Engineering Education Division
Tue. June 12, 2012 6:15 PM to 7:45 PM
214D, San Antonio Convention Center
Session Description

Come to our second annual curriculum exchange! Programs represented will bring example activities and handouts. Conversation is expected to be lively, and some hands-on engineering MAY actually take place live!

  1. Moderated by Dr. Larry G. Richards
Papers Presented
  1. Classroom Games and Activities that Motivate Exploration of Foundational Understandings of Mathematics Concepts while Inadvertently Scaffolding Computational Thinking and Engineered Design [view paper] Mrs. Sharie Kranz (Coronado High School), Catherine Tabor (El Paso ISD), Dr. Art Duval (University of Texas, El Paso), Dr. Kien H. Lim (University of Texas, El Paso), Dr. Amy Elizabeth Wagler (University of Texas, El Paso), and Dr. Eric A. Freudenthal (University of Texas, El Paso)
  2. Learning Common Core Math Concepts with WISEngineering [view paper] Crystal Jean DeJaegher (University of Virginia), Prof. Jennifer L. Chiu (University of Virginia), Dr. M. David Burghardt (Hofstra University), Dr. Deborah Hecht (City University of New York), Peter Thomas Malcolm (University of Virginia, Charlottesville), and Mr. Edward Pan (University of Virginia)
  3. Exchange: Mouse-wheel Generator [view paper] Dani Sledz (Colorado School of Mines) and Ms. Allison M. Silvaggio (STEM Magnet Lab School)
  4. Engineering in Summer Camps: Tapping the Potential [view paper] Dr. Thomas Shepard (University of Saint Thomas) and Mr. Colton Thomas Altobell (Camp Olson YMCA)
  5. Generating Interest in Technology and Medical Devices Through an Interactive Educational Game [view paper] Mr. Devin R. Berg (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), Mr. Lucas A. Harder (University of Minnesota), and Arthur G. Erdman (University of Minnesota)
  6. Subway Map Visualization Tool for Integrating the NAE Grand Challenges for Engineering into the Philadelphia and Kenyan High School Chemistry Curricula [view paper] Mr. Jared P. Coyle (Drexel University) and Dr. Adam K. Fontecchio (Drexel University)
  7. From Macromolecule to Nanofiber: Electrospinning Just the Technique for the Job [view paper] Ms. Sonja Turner (North Carolina A&T State University), Dr. Narayan Bhattarai (North Carolina A&T State University), and Dr. Dhananjay Kumar (North Carolina A&T State University)
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