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T615·Lessons Learned through Community Engagement of Engineering Students
Technical · Community Engagement Division
Tue. June 12, 2012 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Room 005, San Antonio Convention Center
Session Description

This session presents case studies that highlight the benefits gained and lessons learned in implementing various community engagement efforts.

  1. Moderated by Dr. Chris Swan
Papers Presented
  1. Service-based First-year Engineering Projects: Do They Make a Difference? [view paper] Dr. Malinda S. Zarske (University of Colorado, Boulder), Prof. Derek T Reamon (University of Colorado, Boulder), Dr. Angela R. Bielefeldt (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Dr. Daniel W. Knight (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  2. Preparing Engineers for Service [view paper] Dr. Michael Robert Foster (George Fox University) and Dr. Gary E. Spivey (George Fox University)
  3. What Do Students Think About Service-learning in Required Engineering Courses? [view paper] Dr. John J. Duffy (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), Linda Barrington (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), Dr. Emmanuelle Reynaud (University of Massachusetts, Lowell), and Mr. Manuel A. Heredia (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)
  4. Why the Human Connections Formed through Service-learning Matter [view paper] Dr. Lynne A. Slivovsky (California Polytechnic State University), Dr. James M. Widmann (California Polytechnic State University), Dr. Brian P. Self (California Polytechnic State University), Prof. J. Kevin Taylor (California Polytechnic State University), and Dr. David W. Hey (California Polytechnic State University)
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