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M622·Design Spine
Technical · Design in Engineering Education Division
Mon. June 11, 2012 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
216A, San Antonio Convention Center
Session Description

Design education and projects from cornerstone to capstone.

  1. Moderated by Dr. Scarlett Rae Miller P.E.
Papers Presented
  1. Utilizing the Engineering Design Process to Create a Framework for Curricula Design [view paper] Ms. Krystal S. Corbett (Louisiana Tech University), Dr. Heath Tims (Louisiana Tech University), Prof. Galen E. Turner III (Louisiana Tech University), and Dr. James D. Nelson (Louisiana Tech University)
  2. Building Information Modeling: Design Instruction by Integration into an Undergraduate Curriculum [view paper] Major Kevin P. Arnett (U.S. Military Academy) and Mr. Craig E. Quadrato (U.S. Military Academy)
  3. A New Vision for Engineering Design Instruction: On the Innovative Six Course Design Sequence of James Madison University [view paper] Dr. Olga Pierrakos (James Madison University), Dr. Eric C. Pappas (James Madison University), Dr. Robert L. Nagel (James Madison University), and Dr. Jacquelyn Kay Nagel (James Madison University)
  4. Integrating the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Using a Long-term Green Design Project Part 1: The Hybrid Powertrain [view paper] Dr. Eric Constans (Rowan University), Dr. Jennifer Kadlowec (Rowan University), Prof. Krishan Kumar Bhatia (Rowan University), Dr. Hong Zhang (Rowan University), Dr. Tom Merrill (Rowan University), and Dr. Bonnie Angelone (Rowan University)
  5. A Four-year Vertically Integrated Design Sequence in Electrical Engineering [view paper] Dr. Jeffrey L. Schiano (Pennsylvania State University, University Park)
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