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W436A·Recruitment and Retention Matters in Engineering Technology
Technical · Engineering Technology Division
Wed. June 13, 2012 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM
204A, San Antonio Convention Center
Session Description

This session will focus on recruitment and retention matters in engineering technology.

  1. Moderated by Dr. Zhibin Tan
Papers Presented
  1. E-CLOCK: A Wiki-based Outreach and Recruitment Tool [view paper] Dr. Joseph A. Morgan (Texas A&M University), Dr. Jay R. Porter (Texas A&M University), Mr. Douglas William Twigge (Affiliation unknown), John Block (Texas A&M University), and Mickie Byrd ()
  2. Project Lead the Way Conference for Recruiting: A Small-campus Outreach to Local High School Students [view paper] Prof. Gene L. Harding (Purdue University, Statewide Technology) and Mr. Michael D. Sanders (Purdue University, Statewide Technology)
  3. Using Collaborative Pedagogy to Recruit Technology Students from First-year Engineering [view paper] Dr. Brian P. DeJong (Central Michigan University) and Dr. Dru M. Wilson Wilson (Central Michigan University)
  4. A Formal Research Study on Correlating Student Attendance to Student Success [view paper] Mr. Jason K. Durfee (Eastern Washington University), Dr. William R. Loendorf (Eastern Washington University), Dr. Donald C. Richter (Eastern Washington University), Prof. Terence L. D. Geyer (Eastern Washington University), and Ms. Doris M. Munson (Eastern Washington University)
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