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U2109E·SUNDAY WORKSHOP: Hands-on workshop: Discovering opportunities on how to use a learning analytics solution for supporting quality assurance in your own institution.
Workshop · Sponsored Sessions
Sun. June 24, 2018 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Room 253 A, Convention Center - Salt Palace
Session Description

Free ticketed event
The workshop consists in three modules:
1. A case-based approach on our institutional experience adopting a learning analytics tool. Apart of having a conducted discussion, we want to talk about the gains and losses in doing so. Not everything is perfect.

2. Participants will have the chance to use a demo in order to identify opportunities of using this type of tool in their institution.

3. Participants will be guided through a card-sorting activity to evaluate the design and to provide feedback in order to improve the tool from a UX point of view – Does it work for me? How would I use it? My dream platform would be…

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
To recognize an opportunity to adopt a learning analytics solution for qualitity assurance,
To test and evaluate an existing learning analytics solution for supporting curriculum improvement,
To reflect on the need of a learning analytics solution for supporting quality assurance within their institutions.

  1. Miss Isabel Hilliger P.E.

    Pontificia Universidad Catholica de Chile

    Isabel Hilliger is the Associate Director for Assessment and Evaluation at the Engineering Education Division in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC). Isabel received a BEng from UC and an MA in Education Policy from Stanford University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at UC-Engineering. Her research theme is the use of instruments and technological tools to analyze the skills engineering graduates need to succeed in practice.

  2. Dr. Constanza Miranda Mendoza

    Pontificia Universidad Catholica de Chile

    Constanza is an assistant professor at PUC Chile's Engineering School where she directs the engineering design initiative (DILAB). She holds a PhD in Design with a focus in anthropology from NC State University. While a Fulbright grantee, she worked as a visiting researcher at the CDR (Mech. Engineering) at Stanford. As an entrepreneur and researcher, her focus is on biomedical devices and engineering education. Past experiences involve work in industry such as Cooper San Francisco, Karl Storz Endoskope and Continuum Milan.

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