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U203A·Workshop: Placing Equity Front and Center in STEM Faculty Development Research
Workshop Faculty
Sun. April 29, 2018 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM
Salon C, Marriott Crystal City
Session Description

Ticketed event: Workshop Ticket - $35.00
Expectations for faculty members are high: STEM faculty are expected to establish a sustainable research trajectory, a teaching practice, and a service/leadership role all while pursuing tenure and promotion success. Many colleges and universities have established faculty development programs, but there remains a deficiency in holistic professional support that integrates these disparate professional activities and aligns them with individual and institutional goals, especially for faculty in STEM. This workshop will involve participants in continuing work that is designed to bring together multiple stakeholders in academia, government, and industry to provide input to a research agenda for STEM faculty development (FD) (see, particularly considering inclusion and diversity. This research agenda is being developed with funding from the National Science Foundation. The intended audience includes those policy-makers, decision-makers and researchers who are interested and engaged in holistic (teaching, research, leadership, service) faculty development with a focus on equity. The format of the session will be one-third participants reflecting on their own experiences in faculty development at their institutions, one-third discussion of the current status of the agenda, and one-third group activities to suggest additions to the research agenda. The specific goal of this workshop is to focus on strengthening the components of the research agenda that examine equity in such areas as:
1. Impact of holistic STEM FD on the establishment or refinement of inclusive cultures and institutions.
2. Defining FD practices that support inclusive cultures, including eliminating stigmas around being “different.”
3. Establishing FD practices that meet the needs of non-traditional faculty (professors of practice, teaching, and other new forms of academic positions).
4. Support where faculty identity or research interests do not mesh with their academic environment, and where faculty are new to academia, are from marginalized communities, or otherwise feel isolated.
5. Impact of FD on issues of diversity and work/life balance.

  1. Dr. Karen A High
    Clemson University

    Dr. Karen High holds an academic appointment as professor in the Engineering Science and Education department and holds joint appointments in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department as well as the Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences department. Prior to this Karen was at Oklahoma State University where she was a professor for 24 years and served as the Director of Student Services as well as the Women in Engineering Coordinator. She received her B.S. in chemical engineering from University of Michigan in 1985 and she received her M.S. in 1988 and her Ph.D. in 1991 in chemical engineering both from Pennsylvania State University. Her technical work focuses on sustainable chemical process design, computer aided design, mixed integer nonlinear programing, and multicriteria decision making. Dr. High’s educational and research emphasis includes STEM faculty development, graduate students, critical thinking and communication skills, online learning, enhancing mathematics success, and promoting inclusion in STEM.

  2. Dr. Cindy M. Lee
    Clemson University

    Dr. Cindy M. Lee is chair of the Engineering and Science Education department and a professor in Environmental Engineering and Earth Science. She received a BA in English from Indiana University, a BA in Chemistry/Geology Distributed Studies from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and a PhD in Geochemistry from Colorado School of Mines. Her education research interests are in STEM graduate education, faculty development, and sustainability education.

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