2018 FYEE Conference

Improve Recruitment and Retention Based on Student Interests

Presented at Technical Session IV

Improve Recruitment and Retention Based on Student Interests


Dr. Julia Keen, Katie Loughmiller, and Katherine Benton


Undergraduate retention rates for those majoring in engineering are typically lower than other non-technical majors. Several factors play a role in the student retention rates within respective engineering majors: class load, internship experience, technical content, etc. To examine interest levels of Architectural Engineering (ARE) and Construction Science & Management (CNS) several semesters of students were surveyed at the beginning and end of their orientation class. The survey consisted of questions regarding demographics and personal interests, as well as the student’s confidence in their choice of major. Data collected identified commonalities in hobbies and interests of students who were retained versus students who have left the program. This information is important as the department determines the more effective ways to improve retention, as well as better targeted recruitment efforts in Architectural Engineering Construction Science and Management. With this information the department can emphasize specific aspects of the program in the literature and advertising used when recruiting prospective students. These preferences can be used when planning course content modules and social or technical events for current students to increase interest and participation. This data allows the department to help provide more opportunity for current and future students to form relationships with other students based on shared interests outside of the curriculum and engineering groups. The anticipated result will be students within the Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science and Management who are more excited and engaged in their major during their collegiate and professional career.

  1. Mrs. Katie Loughmiller Kansas State University [biography]
  2. Dr. Julia A Keen P.E. Kansas State University [biography]
  3. Miss Katherine Marie Benton Kansas State University [biography]
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