2018 FYEE Conference

Engaging Freshman Engineering Students in the Entrepreneurial Mindset through Disruptive Technology Design Challenge Activity

Presented at Technical Session I

The freshman engineering discovery courses currently running at Marquette University – Opus College of Engineering offer engineering design challenge activities for new engineering students to experience the engineering design process and to simultaneously practice an entrepreneurial mindset. A six-week long design challenge activity is scheduled for a group of student teams (seven to nine students per team) to conceptually design disruptive products for the underprivileged. After introducing samples of existing products and/or services related to the disruptive technologies to the students, they practice to identify additional existing disruptive products/services in our society or market, and continue to conceptually design the future (potential) various disruptive products or processes related to the given theme of the project through the disruptive technology design challenge activity. At its core, disruptive technologies are strongly linked to the entrepreneurial mindset defined by the 3C’s of Curiosity, Connections and Creating value.

  1. Prof. Hyunjae Park Marquette University [biography]
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