2018 FYEE Conference

Autonomous Robot Vehicle: Incorporating Coding and Manufacturing Engineering Concepts in a Freshman Engineering Design Course

Presented at Technical Session V

This work-in-progress paper describes a freshman engineering design course that incorporates coding and manufacturing engineering concepts through an autonomous robot vehicle project. The course itself is part of a three-course engineering design sequence that introduces incoming freshman engineering students to the fundamental concepts of engineering design that will be applied throughout their undergraduate engineering education. The project’s learning objectives are that students will be able to successfully integrate digital and physical design, develop a navigation algorithm, and implement it in Arduino C, in order to allow an autonomous robot vehicle to successfully navigate a course. Students use modern, industry-standard fabrication and prototyping tools in the design process, and demonstrate a working autonomous robot vehicle, including student-designed, 3D-printed protective components. Two faculty instructors with backgrounds in mechanical and manufacturing engineering and electrical and computer engineering team-teach the course and provide a systems approach to design and engineering with specific expertise in different aspects of the course.

  1. Dr. Lunal Khuon Drexel University [biography]
  2. Dr. Yalcin Ertekin Drexel University [biography]
  3. Mr. M. Eric Carr Orcid 16x16http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3444-0883 Drexel University (Eng. & Eng. Tech.) [biography]
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