2019 FYEE Conference

Assessment Analysis Results of How Freshman Engineering Students Build an Entrepreneurial Mindset through Freshman Engineering Discovery Courses

Presented at M3A: Learning in Context 1

The entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) pedagogical approach has been explicitly used and applied in the freshman engineering discovery courses developed at Marquette University’s Opus College of Engineering. These two-semester long courses offer new engineering students the opportunity to discover and explore their potential through various course contents, topics, and activities integrated with the EML pedagogical approach. In order to indirectly assess and measure how freshman engineering students have built their engineering entrepreneurial mindset through these two semester courses, course surveys were given to students twice a semester for the last four years – once at the beginning of the first (fall) semester and another at the end of the second (spring) semester. The new survey results obtained for the last four years were then compared and analyzed to previously collected results. This analysis has provided insight on how freshman engineering students learn to identify an engineer’s societal roles and responsibilities while creating new innovative ideas and concepts with the potential to investigate existing markets and technologies; furthering the ultimate goal of the engineering discovery courses of providing new engineering students with a vision of how to become a future engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset. After introducing the overall course structure, contents, topics, and the corresponding activities, this paper presents the survey analysis results that show how the freshman engineering students build their engineering entrepreneurial mindset during their first year of college.

  1. Prof. Hyunjae Park MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY [biography]
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