2019 FYEE Conference

Developing a Primer for First-Year Engineering Educators

Presented at M1A: WIP - Learning experiences 1

This Work-in-Progress paper lays the foundation for a primer for first-year engineering educators. A first-year engineering education primer is an introductory document on the fundamentals of research related to teaching, mentoring, and coordinating the first-year engineering experience. The motivations for the First-Year Programs Division to develop this primer is the transfer of research outcomes and facilitation of informed decision making for practicing professionals. Primers are often developed in fields of study to assist with the dissemination of evidence-based best practices. New engineering educators, administrators, and advisors who have little experience with first-year engineering programs or education research can use the empirical data from the primer to effectively transfer research findings into the classroom and student experience. This work-in-progress paper documents preliminary research to determine the scope of the thematic topics to be included in the primer. The preliminary research is bounded by the American Society for Engineering Education First-Year Programs Division and First-Year Engineering Experience conference sessions, best papers, and call for papers. The topics generated in this study may also be used to refine future calls for papers and session themes. In the future, a committee or workshop could be used to refine these findings.

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