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M203C·M1A: WIP - Learning experiences 1
Technical FYEE Conference - Paper Submission
Mon. July 29, 2019 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM
Session Description

Interactive session to discuss works in progress around a comment theme.

Moderated by
  1. Dr. Rachel McCord
Papers Presented
  1. Inspiring and Engaging First-Year Engineering Students at a Small Campus Through International Team Design Projects [view paper]
    Dr. Maria J Evans (Penn State Brandywine) and Dr. Ivan E. Esparragoza (Pennsylvania State University, University Park)
  2. Developing a Primer for First-Year Engineering Educators [view paper]
    Dr. Jack Bringardner (NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering)
  3. Physical Computing Design Project to Promote Equity and Community in an Introductory Engineering Course [view paper]
    Dr. Jennifer Mullin (UC Davis)
  4. Use of kite based measurement systems for service-learning in informal settings [view paper]
    Dr. Jonathan Elliot Gaines (University of South Florida)
  5. Work-in-Progress: The Development of a Co-Taught Student Success Course for Freshmen [view paper]
    Dr. Bonnie S. Boardman (University of Texas, Arlington), Dr. Lynn L. Peterson (University of Texas at Arlington), and Dr. Nancy L Michael (University of Texas, Arlington)
  6. An Introduction to Computer Vision for First-Year Electrical and Computer Engineering Students [view paper]
    Mr. Daniel Tai Klawson (University of Maryland, College Park), Mr. Nathaniel Alexander Ferlic (University of Maryland), and Mr. Cheng Peng (University of Maryland, College Park)
  7. Flip-J instructional strategies in the first-year engineering design classroom [view paper]
    Dr. Olukemi Akintewe (University of South Florida), Dr. Jonathan Elliot Gaines (University of South Florida), and Dr. Schinnel Kylan Small (University of South Florida)

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