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T103E·T2A: GIFTS - Session A
Technical FYEE Conference - Paper Submission
Tue. July 30, 2019 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM
Session Description

GIFTS provide us with outstanding insights into innovative activities for learning, teaching, assessing and advising students. Come learn more more about the opportunities you colleagues have found useful in their practice.

Moderated by
  1. Dr. David Gee
Papers Presented
  1. Teaching Professor, Engineering Entrepreneurship [view paper]
    Dr. Frank T. Koe (SEDTAPP College of Engr.)
  2. A Systems Engineering Approach to Conceptual Design in a 1st-Year Engineering Program [view paper]
    Dr. Mike Elmore P.E. (Binghamton University)
  3. Energy-Efficiency Assessment of Windows using Temperature Sensors [view paper]
    Dr. Brenda Read-Daily (Elizabethtown College) and Dr. Jean Carlos Batista Abreu (Elizabethtown College)
  4. Sketching, Building & 3D Printing: Implementation of a Non-Discipline Specific Making Activity in a First-Year Engineering Design Course [view paper]
    Dr. Sarah C Ritter (Pennsylvania State University, University Park) and Mrs. Susan C. Beyerle (Pennsylvania State University, University Park)
  5. Inquiry-based Learning for First-Year Engineering Students [view paper]
    Mrs. Tracey Carbonetto (Pennsylvania State University, Allentown)

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