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M203B·M1B: WIP - Learning Experiences 2
Technical FYEE Conference - Paper Submission
Mon. July 29, 2019 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM
Moderated by
  1. Prof. June E Keller P.E.
Papers Presented
  1. Enhancing experience and learning of first-year surveying engineering students with immersive virtual reality [view paper]
    Dr. Dimitrios Bolkas (Penn State University, Wilkes-Barre Campus) and Mr. Jeffrey Daniel Chiampi II (The Pennsylvania State University)
  2. We ARe…DUINO! a project-based first-year experience, collaborative with the IEEE student chapter [view paper]
    Prof. Tim Kane (Pennsylvania State University, University Park) and Erica Venkatesulu (Affiliation unknown)
  3. Work-In-Progress: Addressing Student Attitudes and General Study Skills through a new hybrid distance learning model, or NHDLM [view paper]
    Dr. Robert V. Pieri (North Dakota State University), Dr. Austin James Allard (Turtle Mountain Community College ), Dr. Josh Mattes (Sitting Bull College), Mr. Michael Maloy Parker (Cankdeska Cikana Community College), Mrs. Lori Nelson (Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College), Ann Vallie (Affiliation unknown), and Mr. Karl Haefner ()
  4. Exploring instructors’ decision-making processes on the use of evidence-based instructional practices (EBIPs) in first-year engineering courses [view paper]
    Dr. Nicole P. Pitterson (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University) and Mr. Todd P. Shuba (Virginia Tech)
  5. Work-In-Progress: What is engineering? First-year students’ preconceptions about their chosen profession [view paper]
    Dr. Brianna L Dorie (Gonzaga University)
  6. Work in Progress: Analyzing a Distributed Expertise Model in an Undergraduate Engineering Course [view paper]
    Ms. Sara Willner-Giwerc (Tufts University) and Dr. Kristen B Wendell (Tufts University)
  7. The effectiveness of writing interventions on first-year engineering reports. [view paper]
    Dr. Kimberlyn Gray (West Virginia University Inst. of Tech.) and Dr. Rachel L. Bragg (West Virginia University Institute of Technology)
  8. Integrating Makerspace in First-Year Engineering Curriculum [view paper]
    Dr. Ashish D Borgaonkar (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Dr. Jaskirat Sodhi (New Jersey Institute of Technology), and Mr. Ludvik Alkhoury (New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT))

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