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M203A·M1C: WIP - Readiness and Professional Development
Technical FYEE Conference - Paper Submission
Mon. July 29, 2019 8:45 AM to 10:15 AM
Moderated by
  1. Dr. Kurt M DeGoede
Papers Presented
  1. Work-In-Progress: Recruitment of Pre-Engineering Students via an Advanced Manufacturing Pathway [view paper]
    Dr. Robert V. Pieri (North Dakota State University), Mr. Karl Haefner (), Dr. Austin James Allard (Turtle Mountain Community College ), Ann Vallie (Affiliation unknown), Mr. Michael Maloy Parker (Cankdeska Cikana Community College), Dr. Josh Mattes (Sitting Bull College), and Mrs. Lori Nelson (Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College)
  2. Facilitating the Success of Academically Under-Prepared Students [view paper]
    Miss Anetra Grice (Western Michigan University), Dr. Edmund Tsang (Western Michigan University), and Dr. Matthew Cavalli (Western Michigan University)
  3. WIP - Living-Learning Programs: A Model for Student Success and Engagement [view paper]
    Emily Sandvall (Baylor University - ECS), Mrs. Sarah Miller (Baylor University), and Hannah Glisson (Baylor University - ECS)
  4. Work-in-Progress: Examining Engineering Community and Identity in FYE Pathways: Case Study of Two Veterans’ Experiences [view paper]
    Miss Soundouss Sassi (Mississippi State University), Dr. Rachel Louis Kajfez (Ohio State University), Dr. Mahnas Jean Mohammadi-Aragh (Mississippi State University), Abigail Clark (Ohio State University), and Jane Petrie (Affiliation unknown)
  5. Work-in-Progress: Investigation of a Fall-to-Spring Performance Drop in a First-year Experience [view paper]
    Dr. Todd France (Ohio Northern University), Dr. J. Blake Hylton (Ohio Northern University), Dr. Lauren H. Logan (Ohio Northern University), and Dr. Louis A DiBerardino III (Ohio Northern University)
  6. Work-in-Progress: A Professional Learning Community Experience in Developing Teamwork Teaching Materials [view paper]
    Dr. Bonnie S. Boardman (University of Texas, Arlington)
  7. Helping Transfer Students Succeed: Establishing Pathways to Include Transfer Students in a First Year Engineering Program [view paper]
    Dr. Janet K. Lumpp (University of Kentucky), Dr. Whitney C Blackburn-Lynch (Affiliation unknown), Dr. Jennifer Lovely (University of Kentucky), Laura Marie Letellier P.E. (Affiliation unknown), Dr. Julie Gordon Whitney (Affiliation unknown), Dr. Kimberly W. Anderson (University of Kentucky), and Susan Herrick (University of Kentucky College of Engineering)
  8. Work in Progress: Peer-based Programming in Undergraduate Engineering [view paper]
    Dr. Jennifer L Johrendt (University of Windsor) and Ms. Jennifer Laura Sears (University of Windsor)
  9. Work‐in‐Progress: Using First‐Year Engineering Laboratory to Improve a Student’s Readiness to Pursue an Engineering Degree. [view paper]
    Dr. Reginald Perry (Florida A&M University/Florida State University), Dr. Charmane Caldwell (), Dr. Melodee M Moore (Florida A&M University-Florida State University), and Mr. Kenneth Tellis (Florida A&M University - Florida State University)

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