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M406B·CoNECD Session : Day 1 Slot 1 Technical Session 4
Technical CoNECD Paper Submissions
Mon. January 25, 2021 1:00 PM to 1:25 PM
Moderated by
  1. Dr. Jenna P. Carpenter
Papers Presented
  1. Stereotypes and Implicit Biases in Engineering: Will Students Need to "Whistle Vivaldi"? [view paper]
    Dr. Medha Dalal (Arizona State University), Dr. Stacy S. Klein-Gardner (Vanderbilt University), Dr. Jennifer Kouo (Towson University), Dr. Kenneth Reid (University of Indianapolis), Cheryl Beauchamp (Regent University), Briana O'Neal (University of Maryland College Park), Jackelyn Raquel Lopez Roshwalb (University of Maryland, College Park), and Dr. Darryll J. Pines (University of Maryland College Park)

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