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S02B·Track 1 - Session II - Student Development
Technical Student Development
Sat. June 22, 2013 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Magnolia, Omni CNN Hotel
Session Description

Track 1 - Session II - Student Development Track Session

Moderated by
  1. Dr. Peter K Kilpatrick
Papers Presented
  1. A Case for Student Led Global Learning [view paper]
    Dr. Robert O. Warrington Jr. (Michigan Technological University), Ms. Madelyn Marie Espinosa (Michigan Technological University - Pavlis Institute), and Helena Keller (Michigan Technological University)
  2. Presenting the NapoNet: Developing Global Competencies through Communications Technology in the Peruvian Amazon [view paper]
    Miss Christie Ritter (The University of Colorado at Boulder), Dr. Alan Rolf Mickelson (University of Colorado Boulder), Dr. Daniel Knight (University of Colorado, Boulder), Jared Leventhal (University of Colorado at Boulder), and Dr. David Espinoza (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  3. The Harvard SEAS/Poli-USP Collaborative Field Course for International Environmental Engineering Education [view paper]
    Dr. Patrick D Ulrich (Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences), Prof. Chad D Vecitis (Affiliation unknown), Jason Dyett (Harvard University, DRCLAS), and Prof. Monica F A Porto (USP)
  4. Designing Short-Term Study Abroad Engineering Experiences to Achieve Global Competencies [view paper]
    Dr. Edward J. Berger (University of Virginia) and Prof. Reid Bailey (University of Virginia)
  5. Global Characterizations of Learning Styles among Students and Professionals [view paper]
    Kimberly Lau (University of California, Berkeley), Dr. Alice Merner Agogino (University of California, Berkeley), and Dr. Sara L. Beckman (Haas School of Business)
  6. Global Science and Engineering Program: A Model for Uniform, Institution-wide STEM Internationalization [view paper]
    Dr. Eck Doerry (Northern Arizona University) and Dr. Harvey Charles (Northern Arizona University)

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