2016 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition papers by Dr. Carla B. Zoltowski

Title Session
Social and Technical Dimensions of Engineering Identity NSF Grantees Poster Session II [view paper]
Phenomenography: A Qualitative Research Method to Inform and Improve the Traditional Aerospace Engineering Discipline Aerospace Engineering Education [view paper]
Integrating Ethical Considerations In Design Socio-Technical Issues in Engineering [view paper]
Foundations of Social and Ethical Responsibility Among Undergraduate Engineering Students: Project Overview NSF Grantees Poster Session II [view paper]
Assessing a Scaffolded, Interactive, and Reflective Analysis Framework for Developing Ethical Reasoning in Engineering Students Ethical Reasoning and Responsibility [view paper]
Cross-Cohort Research Experience for Project Management and Leadership Development Curricular Issues in Computing and Information Technology Programs II [view paper]
The Development of Ethical Reasoning: A Comparison of Online versus Hybrid Delivery Modes of Ethics Instruction Emerging Computing and Information Technologies I [view paper]

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