2016 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

Building Circuits with Logic Gates to Demonstrate Mathematical Logic (P12 Resource Exchange)

Presented at K-12 & Pre-College Engineering Division: Curriculum and Resource Exchange

Mathematical logic is a difficult concept for many students to understand due to its abstract nature. However, it is a foundational topic that fosters problem solving and critical thinking skills for students in engineering and science disciplines. _______ has developed a high school curriculum that uses logic gates to provide a tangible application for the concept. Students learn about different logical operations and apply these operators with different applicable integrated circuits. Students use the circuits to develop logic tables and deduce the type of logic gate used in the circuitry. Curriculum materials including notes and circuitry components will be presented at the resource exchange.

  1. Dr. Krystal S. Corbett Cyber Innovation Center [biography]
  2. Mr. Joshua M. Coriell Cyber Innovation Center [biography]
  3. Sara Hahler Louisiana Tech University [biography]
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