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T304·Biomedical Division Poster Session
Poster · Biomedical Division
Tue. June 28, 2016 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Exhibit Hall F, New Orleans Convention Center
Session Description

The Biomedical Division poster session displays the results of papers that are works in progress, representing assessment, programs, courses, and curricula across a broad swath of BME.

Papers Presented
  1. Work in Progress: Enhancing the Undergraduate Research Experience through Partnership with a Non-profit Organization [view paper] Ms. Margo Cousins (University of Texas, Austin), Lynda K. Gonzales (University of Texas, Austin), Dr. Erin Dolan (University of Texas, Austin), Kathryn E. Flowers (Texas 4000 for Cancer), Mrs. Courtney Becker (Texas 4000 for Cancer), Dr. Laura Suggs (University of Texas, Austin), and Dr. Mia K. Markey (University of Texas, Austin)
  2. Work in Progress: The Consumer Breathalyzer as a Model Design Project in Introductory Instrumentation [view paper] Dr. Bryan Paul Ruddy (University of Auckland) and Prof. Poul F√łnss Nielsen (University of Auckland)
  3. Work in Progress: Promoting Career Reflection Among Freshman BME Students [view paper] Dr. Emma Frow (Arizona State University) and Prof. Michael R. Caplan (Arizona State University)
  4. Work in Progress: Evaluation of Biomechanics Activities at a College-Wide Engineering Outreach Event [view paper] Miss Carrie A. Francis (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Dr. Rachel L Lenhart (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Dr. Jason R. Franz (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University), Jarred Kaiser (Boston University), and Joseph Towles PhD (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
  5. Work in Progress:Enhancing Student Leadership Competencies through Reflection [view paper] Dr. Dianne Grayce Hendricks (University of Washington), Dr. Ken Yasuhara (Center for Engineering Learning & Teaching (CELT)), and Dr. Alyssa Catherine Taylor (University of Washington)
  6. Bridging Courses: Unmet Clinical Needs to Capstone Design (Work in Progress) [view paper] Prof. Jeannie S Stephens (University of Delaware), Dr. Sarah Ilkhanipour Rooney (University of Delaware), Dr. Elisa S. Arch (University of Delaware), and Dr. Jill Higginson (University of Delaware)
  7. Work in Progress: Immersive First-Year Experience for Bioengineering Curricula [view paper] Dr. Jennifer R. Amos (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Dr. Marcia Pool (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Dr. Karin Jensen (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), and Dr. John Vozenilek (Affiliation unknown)
  8. Work in Progress: The Incorporation of Hands-On, Team-Based Design Challenges in a Large Enrollment Introductory Biomedical Engineering Course [view paper] Dr. Jennifer H. Choi (University of California - Davis)
  9. Work in Progress: Development and Dissemination of Interactive Didactic Modules for Biomedical Engineering: Bridging Fluid Mechanics and Systems Physiology [view paper] Mr. Michael Kormos (Rochester Institute of Technology), Dr. Alan J. Man (Pierce College), and Dr. Cristian A. Linte (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  10. Work in Progress: The Effect of Immersive Design-Build Experiences on Knowledge of the Engineering Design Process [view paper] Dr. William H. Guilford (University of Virginia), Miss Anna S. Blazier (University of Virginia), and Alyssa B. Becker (University of Virginia)
  11. Improving Scientific Writing Capability in an Undergraduate Population Using a Fading Paradigm Scaffolding Approach [view paper] Amelia Spencer Lanier (University of Delaware), Ashutosh Khandha (University of Delaware), Dr. Sarah Ilkhanipour Rooney (University of Delaware), Prof. Michael H. Santare (University of Delaware), Dr. Jill Higginson (University of Delaware), and Prof. Jenni Buckley (University of Delaware)
  12. Work in Progress: Reviving a Transport Phenomena Course by Incorporating Simulation and Laboratory Experiences [view paper] Dr. Marcia Pool (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Prof. Rohit Bhargava (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Prof. Paul A. Jensen (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), and Dr. Karin Jensen (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  13. Work in Progress: Haptic Robotics in Biomedical Education [view paper] Dr. Anne Schmitz (Gannon University), Dr. Karinna M. Vernaza (Gannon University), and Dr. Davide Piovesan (Gannon University)
  14. Work in Progress: Hands-On Practice of Implant Surgery Using Artificial Bone in Design Course [view paper] Dr. Won Joo (Robert Morris University)
  15. Work in Progress: Evaluation of the Concept Mapping in a Student-Centered Biomaterials Course [view paper] Mikayle A. Holm (Arizona State University), Dr. Sarah E. Stabenfeldt (Arizona State University), and Dr. Casey Jane Ankeny (Arizona State University)
  16. A Biomedical Engineering Technology Concentration in an Engineering Technology Program [view paper] Dr. Vladimir Genis P.E. (Drexel University (Eng. & Eng. Tech.)) and Dr. Lunal Khuon (Drexel University (Eng. Tech.))
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