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M313·Research on Design Learning
Technical · Design in Engineering Education Division
Mon. June 27, 2016 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Room 267, New Orleans Convention Center
  1. Moderated by Prof. Susannah Howe
Papers Presented
  1. Using Capstone to Drive Continuous Improvement in the Curriculum [view paper] Dr. Mark W. Steiner (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and Prof. Junichi Kanai (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  2. Assessing Student Understanding of Reflection in Engineering Education [view paper] Dr. Kristine R. Csavina (Arizona State University), Ms. Cherrylynne Rochelle Nethken (Arizona State University), and Dr. Adam R. Carberry (Arizona State University)
  3. A Comparison of Student Design Activity Preferences Before and After a Design-Based Wilderness Education Experience [view paper] Christopher R. Saulnier (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Dr. Aikaterini (Katerina) Bagiati P.E. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Prof. John G. Brisson II (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  4. Fostering Learning Principles of Engineering Design [view paper] Mr. Jackson Lyall Autrey (University of Oklahoma), Prof. Farrokh Mistree (University of Oklahoma), and Prof. Zahed Siddique (University of Oklahoma)
  5. Examples of Synergies between Research and Hands-on Design-Based Learning [view paper] Dr. Cassandra Telenko (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dr. Amit Shashikant Jariwala (Georgia Institute of Technology), Prof. Christopher Saldana (Georgia Institute of Technology), Todd Sulchek (Georgia Institute of Technology), Prof. Shannon K. Yee (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dr. Wendy C. Newstetter (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Prof. Thomas Kurfess (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  6. Seven Axioms of Good Engineering: Development of a Case Study-Based Course for NASA [view paper] Dr. Anthony F. Luscher (Ohio State University) and Mr. Roger Forsgren (NASA Headquarters)
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