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W220·Ethical Reasoning and Responsibility
Technical · Engineering Ethics Division
Wed. June 29, 2016 9:45 AM to 11:15 AM
Room 274, New Orleans Convention Center
Session Description

Papers in this session examine ethical perceptions and the development of ethical reasoning and responsibility.

  1. Moderated by Dr. Ali Salehnia and Dr. Jessica A Kuczenski
Papers Presented
  1. A Longitudinal Study of Social and Ethical Responsibility Among Undergraduate Engineering Students: Preliminary Results [view paper] Debra S. Fuentes (Brigham Young University), Dr. Gregg Morris Warnick (Brigham Young University), Prof. Brent K. Jesiek (Purdue University, West Lafayette), and Dr. Randall Davies (Brigham Young Unversity)
  2. Assessing a Scaffolded, Interactive, and Reflective Analysis Framework for Developing Ethical Reasoning in Engineering Students [view paper] Dr. Lorraine G. Kisselburgh (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Dr. Justin L. Hess (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Dr. Carla B. Zoltowski (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Dr. Jonathan Beever (University of Central Florida), and Dr. Andrew O. Brightman (Purdue University, West Lafayette (College of Engineering))
  3. Student Perception of Ethics in Bangladesh, India, and the United States [view paper] Dr. Quamrul H. Mazumder (University of Michigan, Flint) and Mr. Raghava Mahankali (University of Michigan, Flint)
  4. Perception of Academic Integrity among Students and Faculty: A Comparison of the Ethical Gray Area [view paper] Dr. Teresa J. Ryan (East Carolina University ), Dr. Colleen Janeiro (East Carolina University), and Dr. William E. Howard (East Carolina University)
  5. Perspectives of Engineers on Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace [view paper] Dr. Angela R. Bielefeldt (University of Colorado, Boulder) and Dr. Nathan E. Canney (Seattle University)
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