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M327·First-Year Programs Division Technical Session 1: Using Technology and/or Technology Tools to Enhance Learning
Technical · First-Year Programs Division
Mon. June 27, 2016 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Room 262, New Orleans Convention Center
  1. Moderated by Dr. Benjamin Emery Mertz and Dr. Kerry Meyers
Papers Presented
  1. An Alternative to Videos for Lecture Preparation in a Flipped First-Year Engineering Computing Course [view paper] Dr. Gregory Warren Bucks (University of Cincinnati) and Dr. Kathleen A. Ossman (University of Cincinnati)
  2. Using Blended Learning to Address Instructional Challenges in a Freshman Engineering Course [view paper] Dr. Tareq Daher (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), Dr. Stuart Bernstein (University of Nebraska - Lincoln), and Brett Meyer (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)
  3. Kahoot, A New and Cheap Way to Get Classroom-Response Instead of Using Clickers [view paper] Prof. Rodrigo Cutri P.E. (Maua Institute of Techonology), Dr. Luiz Roberto Marim (Maua Institute of Technology), Dr. Juliana Ribeiro Cordeiro (Affiliation unknown), Dr. Hector A. C. Gil (Maua Institute of Technology), and Mrs. Camila Cunha Toledo Guerald (Maua Institute of Technology)
  4. Freshman Residential Schools for Undergraduate On-Campus and Online Engineering Students [view paper] Dr. John Matthew Long (Deakin University), Dr. Sivachandran Chandrasekaran P.E. (Deakin University), and Mr. Simon William Cavenett (Affiliation unknown)
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