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M333·K-12 & Pre-College Engineering Division: Fundamental; K-12 Students & Engineering Division: Fundamental; K-12 Students & Engineering Design Practices: Best Paper Session
Technical · Pre-College Engineering Education Division
Mon. June 27, 2016 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Room 268, New Orleans Convention Center
Session Description

This session includes the best paper award winner, as well as other fundamental papers looking at engineering design.

For those interested in: Broadening Participation in Engineering and Engineering Technology, K-12, and New Members
  1. Moderated by Ms. Victoria G Bill
Papers Presented
  1. Developing Middle School Students' Engineering Design Concepts through Toy Design Workshop (Fundamental) [view paper] Ninger Zhou (Purdue University), Mr. Tarun Thomas George (Purdue University), Mr. Joran W. Booth (Purdue University), Jeffrey Alperovich (Purdue University), Mr. Senthil Chandrasegaran (Purdue University), Dr. Nielsen L. Pereira (Purdue University), Dr. Jeffrey David Tew Ph.D. (Affiliation unknown), Mr. Devaatta Nadgukar Kulkaerni (Affiliation unknown), and Prof. Karthik Ramani (Affiliation unknown)
  2. Elementary Teachers' Reflections on Design Failures and Use of Fail Words after Teaching Engineering for Two Years (Fundamental) [view paper] Pamela S. Lottero-Perdue Ph.D. (Towson University) and Ms. Elizabeth A. Parry (North Carolina State University)
  3. Using Engineering Design Teaching Portfolios to Gauge Design Teacher Performance and Infer Design Pedagogical Content Knowledge [view paper] Dr. David Crismond (City College of the City University of New York) and Dr. Michal Lomask (Affiliation unknown)
  4. Inspiring Computational Thinking in Young Children's Engineering Design Activities (Fundamental) [view paper] Dr. Morgan M. Hynes (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Prof. Tamara J. Moore (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Dr. Monica E. Cardella (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Kristina Maruyama Tank (Iowa State University), Dr. Senay Purzer (Purdue University, West Lafayette), Dr. Muhsin Menekse (Purdue University), and Dr. Sean P. Brophy (Purdue University, West Lafayette)
  5. Failure and Idea Evolution in an Elementary Engineering Workshop (Fundamental) [view paper] Chelsea Joy Andrews (Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach)
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