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T536·Materials Division Technical Session 2
Technical · Materials Division
Tue. June 28, 2016 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Room 351, New Orleans Convention Center
  1. Moderated by Dr. Matthew Cavalli P.E.
Papers Presented
  1. Accountability in the Flipped Classroom: Student-Generated Pre-Lecture Concept Reflections [view paper] Dr. Brittany B. Nelson-Cheeseman (University of St. Thomas) and Kate Laura Steuer (University of St. Thomas)
  2. Comparison of On-Campus and Distance Learning Outcomes in a Flipped Materials Science Course [view paper] Dr. Matthew Cavalli (University of North Dakota)
  3. Effect of Contextualization of Content and Concepts on Students' Course Relevance and Value in Introductory Materials Classes [view paper] Prof. Stephen J. Krause (Arizona State University), Dr. Cindy Waters (North Carolina A&T State University), Prof. William Joseph Stuart P.E. (Oregon Institute of Technology), Dr. Eugene Judson (Arizona State University), Dr. Casey Jane Ankeny (Northwestern University), and Ms. Bethany B. Smith (Arizona State University)
  4. Engineering Design in a Materials Processing Laboratory Course through a Guided Case Study [view paper] Dr. Richard Eitel (Stevens Institute of Technology), Mr. Joshua Peter Hill (Affiliation unknown), Mr. Felix Jun Jie Zhang-Xu (Affiliation unknown), and Dr. Kathy Shiang Chiou (Kessler Foundation)
  5. Revealing Student Misconceptions and Instructor Blind Spots with Muddiest Point Formative Feedback [view paper] Dr. Cindy Waters (North Carolina A&T State University), Prof. Stephen J. Krause (Arizona State University), Dr. Janet Callahan (Boise State University), Dr. Barry Dupen (Indiana University - Purdue University, Fort Wayne), Dr. Mary B. Vollaro (Western New England University), and Ms. Peggie Weeks (Affiliation unknown)
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