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T550·Enhancing Student Success in Two-Year Colleges
Technical · Two Year College Division
Tue. June 28, 2016 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Room 274, New Orleans Convention Center
Session Description

Enhancing Student Success in Two-Year Colleges

For those interested in: Broadening Participation in Engineering and Engineering Technology and New Members
  1. Moderated by Prof. Nicholas Langhoff
Papers Presented
  1. Changing Student Behavior through the Use of Reflective Teaching Practices in an Introduction to Engineering Course at a Two-Year College [view paper] Mr. Richard Brown Bankhead III (Highline College), Ms. Tessa Alice Olmstead (Highline College), and Ms. Judy Mannard PE (Highline Community College)
  2. Using Peer Mentoring to Enhance Transfer Student Experience and Increase Student Success in Mechanical Engineering [view paper] Mr. Nicolas N Brown (University of Utah Department of Mechanical Engineering), Ms. Joy Velarde (University of Utah), and Dr. Debra J Mascaro (University of Utah)
  3. When a Traditional Scholarship is Simply Not Enough: Addressing the Digital Divide to Recruit and Motivate Engineering Technology Students through Graduation [view paper] Ms. Elaine L. Craft (Florence-Darlington Technical College)
  4. The Re-Energize Undergraduate Research Program at Our Community College [view paper] Dr. Dan G. Dimitriu (San Antonio College), Mr. Klaus Bartels (San Antonio College), Mr. Steven F. Lewis (William R. Sinkin Eco Centro, San Antonio College), and Dr. Bahram Asiabanpour (Texas State University)
  5. Developing a Comprehensive Online Transfer Engineering Curriculum: Designing an Online Introduction to Engineering Course [view paper] Prof. Nicholas P Langhoff (Skyline College), Ms. Eva Schiorring (Affiliation unknown), Dr. Erik N Dunmire (College of Marin), Mr. Thomas Rebold (Monterey Peninsula College), and Dr. Tracy Huang (Canada College)
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